Ten Things About Spring Break

Spring Break has finally arrived, and now that it's here I'm having realizations.

1. You end up going home:

Me and my college friends all said we would go off together for Spring Break, but in the end, we all were called to go home by our parents.

2. You actually do stuff for Spring Break:

Back in High school spring break meant long nights and late morning, but since I'm in College my family actually wants me to do stuff. For example going to college.

3. It feels like I was never away and that I'm never going to leave:

Something about being home makes me feel like I never left. It probably has to do with my siblings treating me like I was never gone, to begin with.

4. It Lowkey feels like Christmas Vacation:

This one probably only applies to Florida, but this temperature really makes me feel like it's Christmas vacation.

5. Your parents keep asking about classes:

No matter what I end up doing it always leads back to, "How are your classes going."

6. You're a bit sick:

The one thing about Spring is that it breeds sickness, so chances are you are, about to be, or getting over being sick.

7. You get to sleep in:

Spring Break really means catching up on all the sleep you've been since you've been back to school.

8. You miss your friends the second you leave:

It's only the first day, but I already miss my college friends. They are basically family now, and I hate not seeing them every day.

9. You get to see your old friends:

The good thing about being home from College is that I get to see my main friend fam. It's great getting to catch up with all the people I've been missing.

10. You also see people you never liked:

The one thing about being home is when I go to the mall and run into people I never actually liked from high school. It may be teacher or people you were forced to have classes with.

In the end, Spring Break is a great escape from classes. Going straight through 14 weeks is rough and this little Break came just in time.( I will say my school was sneaky and made my Spring Break a week after everyone else's, but there is not much I can do about that.)

However, towards the end I'm going to be ready to jump back into school and see all the people I have to go an entire week without.(It's really not that bad but it feels like a centry.)

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