10 Reasons Why Labs Are The Best Dogs To Own

Dogs are most definitely a man's (or a woman's) best friend; there is no doubt about that. They're the most sweet and loving animals a person could own, making their way into families' hearts and staying there for a whole lifetime. Of course, some breeds are better than others, and labrador retrievers are just the best. Now I'm biased and have had a lab ever since I was born, but hey, I'm exercising my freedom of speech! Here are just a few reasons why labs are the best dogs ever (among many, of course).

1. They are just downright beautiful dogs.

Okay, I know looks aren't everything, but there has to be a reason why Orvis and so many other top brands use labs as the cover image and idea for their company. Labs are beautiful. They have a sleek coat and big, pretty eyes, and they have a silhouette of pure grace.

2. They are the CUTEST as puppies.

Yeah, we're still talking about looks here, but who could resist sweet lab puppy faces?! Just the way they prance around and chew on everything in sight and wag their tiny little tails just makes me smile!

3. They are dogs of the water.

We all love lake days, and there's nothing better than chilling with your dog on the water. Some dogs just like to hang out and watch the action, but labs will join in and swim around with you. They LOVE the water. It's so fun to swim around with them, throw sticks for them to fetch and get splashed in all their excitement.

4. They are sporty and good at what they do.

It's been said that labs are easy to train for activities such as hunting more so than any other breed, and that's the truth. They are bred to follow human cues intensely, making them able to perform commands way deeper than just the simple "sit," "stay," or "roll over."

5. They are family dogs.

I've never met a lab that wasn't friendly with every person they came into contact with. Now, maybe I've just gotten lucky, but I do know for a fact that labs are typically known as dogs that get along easily with people, especially children and other dogs as well. My dog even tries to play with cats whenever she sees them; she's gotten her nose scratched quite a few times from those interactions!

6. They are typically very healthy.

Labs look healthy all the time, and they are healthy all the time. They're bred so well that they typically lack many health problems that so many other dogs have; the most common problem in labs is their hip issues they gain as they age. They generally live to be about 10-12 years old, always living their lives to the absolute fullest.

7. They are mischievous, but in a funny way.

Especially when they're puppies, labs are always getting into some kind of trouble. They'll chew up anything in sight and make you so frustrated that your furniture is straight up ruined, but they're just too cute to be punished!

8. They are always down for an adventure.

They will be your ultimate shotgun rider, the one you can always count on to walk with you, the one that will always go fetch, the one who will always jump in the water with you. Basically, anywhere you go, your lab will happily go alongside you.

9. They will truly want to be your best friend.

I know I'm biased, but my lab and I are pretty darn close. I can tell when she's sick of me for the day, and I can tell when she's excited to see me. There's nothing like coming home from college and having her sprint through the house towards me, then proceed to not leave me alone for the entirety of my weekends while I'm there. Labs know their owners on such a deep level; they know when you're hurting, they know when you're happy, and most importantly, they know that you love them, and they express that love right back.

10. Let's just take another minute to look at how cute they are.

How could you resist?!

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