10 Misconceptions About Feminists And Their Agenda

A new wave of feminism is and has been on the rise, along with it are the common misconceptions that have been plaguing the feminist movement since the beginning. When people declare they are a feminist they often get overlooked, stereotyped and disregarded. So to clear the air, here are ten common misconceptions about feminists.

1. They hate men

Feminists don't hate men, they dislike sexism.

2. They want to be better than men

They don't want to be better than men or overturn the patriarchy in favor of a matriarchy. They want to be treated equally, like receiving the same pay for the same job.

3. They burn their bras and protest everything

To sum it up: No they don't, bras are expensive. And Feminists don't protest everything, they protest mistreatment and inequality.

4. They’re only women

Definitely not. Anyone can be a feminist no matter how they identify.

5. Feminism is only for women

That's the thing, feminism is actually for all genders, google the definition if you don't believe me.

6. Feminists are only career orientated

Yes, some feminists are career orientated but some are family orientated, what's important is that feminists can choose what they want to be without judgement.

7. There’s only one definition of feminism

Feminism takes on a different meaning for everybody.

8. Feminists get offended easily

They don't, they're just over sexism.

9. All feminists are angry and single

Feminists aren't angry, they're frustrated. Furthermore, feminists choose to be single, they aren't single because they're feminists.

10. Feminists are not feminine

As part of the whole equality idea, feminists can be however they want. Some people are naturally more feminine or masculine and that's OK, the point is they can embrace any look they want.

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