Why Women Need Planned Parenthood

Recently Trump stated that he will be signing an executive order that will defund Planned Parenthood. Last night I needed to use Planned Parenthood's website because they not only offer information about the methods of birth control but when I need more detail they have an option that allows me to 'chat' with a representative. Last night I needed to talk with a representative and waited in a queue of 30 people and I waited for nearly an hour.

I am seventeen years old and on track to attend a four-year university in the fall. While I am on birth control, there is always a chance I could get pregnant. For me abortion would be the only option. Now I know there are always the people that oppose abortion and will tell me to close my legs or to take responsibilities for my actions but it is not that simple. Even if I was married, if my partner and I chose that we did not want kids, sterilization is not 100% effective. Ultimately, it is easy for strangers to judge me for the choices I make in regards to my body but at the end of the day why should a stranger get more say to what is right and wrong than I do in regards to my body?

Now onto what many people seem to be the solution for all the abortion controversy, adoption. If I were to get pregnant right this moment I would most likely be giving birth around late October. That would mean I would spend my prom, senior trip, graduation and even more pregnant. Now, say I were to choose to give this hypothetical child up for adoption, I can back out of the adoption. If I give birth and fall in love with this child, I can back out in the sentiment of the moment. Not only this but my ex-boyfriend was a child in the foster care system and there are literally thousands upon thousands of children waiting to be adopted.

Planned Parenthood offers many benefits to me as an upper-class teenage girl, one of those benefits is abortion (if need be). Now I am not the only type person who will go to a Planned Parenthood. There are women (and men) who have no other options other than going to a Planned Parenthood. This is why I need Planned Parenthood and I am not the 'rule' as to why everyone goes to Planned Parenthood. Right now, I am giving personal donations to Planned Parenthood and I am pleading that others do too. As the saying goes, there is no banning abortion, only banning safe abortion.

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