It’s safe to say that most freshman girls in college haven’t found “the one.” That is what makes Robyn Koetter so unique. She and her fiancé, Jeffrey, are just 19 years old, and plan to get married later this summer. I had the privilege of meeting Robyn and Jeffrey at one of GCU’s outreach programs, Canyon Kids. Immediately I could tell that this was no ordinary young couple and was curious to know how they have kept their relationship strong through the stress of college.

Name: Robyn Koetter

Major at GCU: Communications

From: Boise, Idaho

Year: Freshman

Involvement on campus: Women’s track team and Canyon Kids outreach program.

How did you and your fiancé, Jeffrey, meet?

We met at a meeting for Fellowship of Christian Athletes in our junior year of high school. The summer going into our senior year we hung out a few times in big groups, but we hardly talked. A few weeks into senior year he asked me to homecoming out of the blue and three weeks later we were dating.

When did you know that Jeffrey was “the one?”

A series of moments and events led up to me wanting to spend my life with him. We both knew that we were dating with the intention of marrying each other some day. We've had our ups and downs but there has never been a moment where I've questioned our relationship or whether or not we were supposed to be together.

Did you plan on getting engaged and married at such a young age?

No way. Eight months ago the thought of getting married at 19 was horrifying. I definitely thought I would finish college and have a job before I got married. But I'm confident in Jeffrey’s love for me and I have peace and assurance that this is God's plan for my life.

What is your family’s opinion on you and Jeffrey being so young and taking this big step?

That’s definitely been the biggest blessing. Everyone in our family has been rooting for us and encouraging us. There hasn’t been one person that knows us and our relationship that has expressed any concern about us making this big of a commitment at such a young age.

What has been the hardest part for you and Jeffrey in moving away from home and starting college?

Definitely dorm life. There’s no privacy, which makes it hard to be in a relationship because there’s no place to go to have those serious conversations that need to happen in deepening relationships. Being away from home and our families has been hard as well. The culture here in Phoenix is a lot different than how we grew up in Boise.

How do you plan to keep your marriage strong while in college?

We’re going to press into God and keep Him at the center. That’s the only way we’ll make it through college and life together.

What is your response to people who disagree with you and Jeffrey getting married at just 19?

No one close to me has expressed anything negative. But sometimes in class people seem really opposed to the idea of marriage at such a young age. They think it’s backwards to make that big of a decision at such a young age before finishing college and finding a job. There is a lot I'm unsure about, but I am sure of Jeffrey's love for me and his desire to protect and provide for me and more than that, I am sure of God's provision and faithfulness.

What advice would you give to other college girls who are seeking a lasting relationship?

I would encourage girls to seek God first and know that no person can ever satisfy you in the way that God can. Guard your heart and your mind and be careful not to buy into the lies that culture and media put into our head that a relationship will make you happier. It’s just not true. But marriage is a beautiful gift and I’m so excited to experience it with my best friend.