Ted Bundy. America is absolutely losing its mind over one of its most famous serial killers. He struck in the 70's killing approximately 30 women but alluding to the fact that he killed closer to 100. The man terrorized California, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Washington and finally Florida for years before finally coming to his death.

Many people who knew him thought he was charming and attractive and for the time period, he was! However, this does not excuse people finding him attractive now. The day before his execution he admitted to all the kidnapping, murders, and rapes but people are still finding him attractive? He is a monster and should only be viewed that way.

Ted Bundy and many other serial killers are psychopaths. That means they thrive on recognition and hurting others when we romanticize these behaviors and turn them into movies with Zac Efron, we encourage more psychopaths to come out of hiding.

A perfect example of this phenomenon is school shootings. Not to get into specifics, but one time someone killed some kids at a school. Another person saw this and was inspired to do something worse so they killed more kids at a different school. This leads to the tragedies we see almost every month in America, and it leads to kids in schools dying.

Now, this isn't to say a crime documentary is a bad thing, it helps us learn from the past and it keeps history from repeating itself. This can even prevent future deaths or rapes, just by showing you can't trust a random cute guy at the lake asking you for help. It teaches us to be safer, unfortunately at the cost of losing others.

All in all, there's a lesson to be learned, not all yellow VW Bugs are safe. Also, don't judge an attractive book by its cover, not everyone that is pretty is gold. Don't let this stop you from going on dates with cuties though, go live your best life, just maybe stay away from strangers.