Technology Is Not Our Enemy
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Technology Is Not Our Enemy

It along with social media does not pose a threat to society.

Technology Is Not Our Enemy
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Technology has been implemented into our daily lives; it is a tool that many individuals use. Many Adults see technology as an enemy that is destroying the youth. They state that it is “rotting our brains" and “makes us lack communication skills." I would have to disagree with the skeptics. I believe that technology is not only an asset but a friend to people of all ages and backgrounds. It brings people from thousands of miles away together. No other tool is capable of accomplishing what technology can.

Many adults believe social media makes the youth feels excluded in many ways. However, many websites such as Tumblr, and Twitter have been noted to make people who feel alone to no longer feel disconnected from society. These websites are the cause of creating "fandoms" a term described as the state or condition of being a fan of someone or something.

These websites have allowed people from all over the world to be connected and discuss their similar interests. The social media websites that adults dislike are also teaching the youth to be more involved with their community along with the government through activism, and elections. Tumblr has helped 2016 political candidate Bernie Sander's campaign and even helped him raise money for his campaign. They even pushed others who #FeelTheBern to donate to the cause and go out and vote.

Many haters of technology state that the big tech companies are causing people to be addicted to cell phones on purpose, to make money. I would disagree. People need to stop blaming tech companies for our addiction to social media sites. No one is forcing consumers to buy an iPhone, use Facebook, stare at Twitch, masturbate to porn or any of the other millions of things you can do with technology.

We ourselves choose to constantly check these sites, we decide to spend hours a day on Twitter or on other websites. Someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol decides willingly to partake in the abuse of these substances. Alcohol does not make you drink it, you choose to.

Technology affects our perception of human contact. That is the number one argument used when discussing Technology and how terrible it is. People believe online is a place for human contact but not intimacy. Merriam-Webster says intimacy us “1: the state of being intimate: familiarity 2: something of a personal or private nature."

One can be intimate we another through dating websites such as Tinder, eHarmony, Grindr, etc. In fact, more people are finding dates online than other means such as clubs, or through friends. So, to say that online is only for human contact and not intimacy is nonsense.

Social media is not our enemy; Social media has actually brought people from all over together through similarities, and even love. Although technology seems to be harmful to our youth, and to everyone, it doesn't intentionally pose a threat. Technology, in general, has aided the human race through immediate contact and the ability to research any topic. It has allowed people to become activist and voice their opinion on various topics. Thus, we should not ban or destroy technology or social media. We should accept it as our friend, not our foe.

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