All my 2017 tech trends predictions, mostly came true. Here are my continued thoughts on what I believe the 5 tech trends of 2018 will be.

1) Cryptocurrency continues to rise

With the unexpected rise in Bitcoin this year, ICOs and the very recent market adaptations, cryptocurrency is expected to continue to rise in 2018. Bitcoin passing $20k or even $45k is extremely possible. You may also expect more regulations that will try to come into it.

2) Mixed Reality still ranks supreme

Mixed Reality solutions such as the Halo Lens will rank supreme over virtual reality in terms of market demand. This is especially true with other company's solutions like Meta still being around or the Magic Leap.

3) More mining specific GPUs

More companies will start releasing mining specific GPUs given the recent surge because of Ethereum, Zcash, and non-asic mining.

4) Quantum Computing Research

Breakthroughs in modern computing will continue to happen. There is going to be another technological race to build a more cost efficient and solution efficient solutions to quantum computers. Companies such as IBM and Google will continue funding both AI research as well as race to build the better Quantum Computer. DWave Systems and Rigetti is likely to go up in value.

5) VR Cameras & 360 Degree Photos

More people will start using virtual reality cameras or taking paranormic photos for their timelines in 2018. I expect this to be a larger trend then it was before. This is especially true, given company's most recent roll outs.