To an artist, there is inspiration everywhere. Even artists can inspire us. If there is one artist that truly inspires me, that will be Creayus, a well-known Japanese fan-artist who is notable for her amazing fan art of C.C., the main female character of the anime "Code Geass." Growing up as an artist, many professors and teachers have instructed me to stay away from fan art and at the same time, they downgrade and look down on fan art by saying that fan art does not encompass the crucial parts of a creative process. But by looking at Creayus's works, I have learned many things about fan art that my professors and teachers are wrong about.

And here are the things of what I have learned from Creayus's fan art.

1. Honesty in fan art

What makes an artist unique is the honesty they put in their art. Creayus's love for C.C. just demonstrates how passionate she feels towards this particular character. She has drawn C.C. in various outfits, even outfits from movies, anime, and video games.

2. Devotion in fan art

Creayus draws C.C. in most of her artwork so far and she doesn't stop! Her devotion to C.C. rewards her so much support from her loyal followers, who continuously comes back for more of her C.C. fanart.

3. Evolution in fan art

Comparing to Creayus's fan art of C.C. many years back, I am surprised to see how much her fan art has evolved! C.C. is more refined and more gorgeous than before!

4. Originality in fan art

Whoever says there is no originality to fan art, they are so wrong. The way Creayus has colored C.C.'s green hair is so original! Her hair is not just a plain imitation of lime green hair like in the anime. Her hair is colored in an emerald green color adorned with shiny highlights that makes us adore her hair even more! In other words, Creayus has a very original art style!

5. Value in fan art

Growing up as an artist, I have so many professors and teachers that have downgraded and looked down on fan art. But Creayus teaches me that fan art does get recognition by many people, even by the same animation studio that works on her favorite anime show. Thanks to her amazing artwork, Creayus is able to work for Sunrise, the Japanese animation studio who works on "Code Geass," and develop a picture drama for "Code Geass" called "Masked Confession Competition." She gets to draw C.C. at work too! How cool is that?

As an artist as well as a zealous supporter of fan art, Creayus not only motivates me to draw fan art, but she also teaches me that everyone should not be ashamed of drawing fan art of their favorite characters at all! If you see your favorite character as a muse, don't be afraid what others think, just go right ahead and draw it regardless!