Taylor Swift is a very secretive person when it comes to releasing music. When she released her sixth album Reputation in 2017 she deleted everything on her social media accounts. She starting to post pictures of snakes without any context. Everybody was really confused and then she released the name of the album along with the album cover. She at least gave some information about the album. However, this time she is not and it's driving Taylor Swift fans CRAZY.

On April 13th she posted a countdown to April 26th on her Instagram story. Everybody was so confused because people didn't know if she was going to release an album or just a single. People are still confused! Also, she has been posting photos on her social media accounts giving clues to what is going to happen that day.

She has been posting photos every day since. And they are beautiful.

This was the first picture she posted and I was so confused. Is this going to be a music video? Is she releasing a single? Is she releasing a whole album? We don't know!

The details in this picture are so specific. Look at all the colors. Her nail polish is different on each finger. Look at her rings. Everything has a purpose!

This is definitely a dress. So far, the colors have been vibrant and cheerful. This is a new Taylor Swift. This is a new era and it is very exciting.

These are her cats named Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey. Look at their faces, they look so confused as well. And also look at the glitter!

Again, the theme of pastel colors and shiny objects is present.

Why a bicycle? I'm confused.

I'm thinking this is a dress because most of her past outfits have sequins.

Taylor Swift is my queen and I can't wait until she releasing her new album. I love all her songs and I'm going to love her new songs. This is the beginning of a new era and I'm ready.