Not All Tattoos Have To Have A Deep Meaning And That's OK

I grew up thinking that all tattoos have to have a specific meaning or else, what's the point? As I was getting older, whenever I would walk out in public I would see the number of showing tattoos grow. I would always think 'how do they expect to get a job with all of those tattoos', until one day I thought, 'why is it any of my business?'

The artistry behind a tattoo is amazing, the precision of a vibrating needle drawing straight lines and eccentric patterns is nothing to scoff at. I was always told, your tattoos have to have meaning, not just something slapped onto your body because you think it's cool. To that I now say, MY BODY IS MY CHOICE. Now, I'm not going to go on some radical rant, but, if someone wants a specific tattoo, let them. Do not make comments like, you do know that will be there forever right? Or, why in the world would you get that?

I enjoy tattoos purely for the artistic expression, yes, my first two tattoos do have meaning behind them, but I want tattoos just because they look cool. I know that in the line of work I want to do (Political Science Marketing and Journalism) tattoos are frowned upon. So, for the time being, I will be working up my legs to have the art I want on my body. Like I said, not all tattoos have to have meaning, and you don't have to explain your tattoo to anyone if you don't want to. So, I wanted to share some tattoo ideas of mine, some have meaning, some don't. These are not the placements.


For the past couple of years, I have been obsessed with collecting Buddhas. No matter where I am if I see a Buddha somewhere, I have to at least touch it. I feel as though these statues bring me peace in a time of turmoil. I have a bracelet that has a Buddha on it and I always feel serene when I wear it. I know what many will be thinking, no, I am not Buddhist, but the statues calm me.

The Evil Eye 

The evil eye was created to protect you from bad spirits and the envy of others. Having this on my body would protect me from all of the negative energy in the world today.

"The Creation of Man"

Michaelangelo's "Creation of Man" was painted on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, now I want it on my body. The way that someone thought of two fingers touching would spark mankind is interesting to me.

The Hand of Fatima 

The hand of Fatima is another tattoo I want, it promotes healing and warding of bad spirits.


One of the most important gods in Buddhist mythology is the patron of writers, travelers, and students. The half man, half elephant is also known to remove obstacles from one's path.


The sun will rise and we will try again.

Carpe Diem 

The famous quote from The Dead Poet Society, one of my personal favorites.

A tattoo with my sister

We may not completely know what we want yet, but we will get one soon.

"Strength" written in my dad's handwriting 

I already have "Breathe" written out in my mom's handwriting and I want something in my dad's. It will go directly below my "Breathe" tattoo.

The tattoos that I want to be put on my body is my choice alone. As my peers begin to get more and more tattoos, I say to them, do what YOU as your own person want to do; in the years to come you may regret getting or not getting some, but just remember, YOU have a reason and that's enough.

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