Having a Job Right Out of College
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A Taste of the real world

Get a job right out of college they said... it'll be fun they said...

A Taste of the real world

I graduated a month ago and I am already a few weeks into my first full-time job. Although at first, I was a little overwhelmed jumping right form one huge chapter to the next, it's been a huge blessing! However, I am definitely being hit with some real-world knowledge about "adulting." Below are some of the things I've learned about transitioning into a first REAL job.

You're basically tired all the time


It doesn't matter if it's when the alarm goes off at 5:30am, the drive there, the mid-day coffee break, or right before you end your night. Since your body is not used to the hours and schedule like this, you're tired.

Coffee Coffee Coffee


I was a solid 1 cup of coffee a day kind of girl, right in the morning on my way to work. I noticed my first few days my colleagues were always asking if I needed a coffee. I asked if everyone on staff drinks this much coffee to which someone replied, give it a week. Well, I'm a week in and I completely understand the need to amp up the caffeine dosage.

Your personal conversations start to sound professional


Even in little conversations with my mom, I end up sounding way older and more mature than I actually am. I literally caught myself using the word "expenditure" outside of the 9am-5pm business hours

Menial things to some employees excite the hell out of you


I was given a work computer, cell phone and office space within my first week, and let me tell you, I was HYPED! Even when my boss let me go "shopping" in our storage areas for office supplies my adrenaline was rushing. (I need to get out more)

Your feet always hurt


Even at 5'10'' it just feels right to wear heels to work. That is it feels right until your big toes are covered in blisters. Thanks, Ivanka Trump!

You spend your first paycheck before you even get it


Between gas, lunches, decorations for the office, and new clothes, almost my entire first week of pay was gone before I even got the check

But you also start watching you expenses more


Now that I by technicality am an adult, I'm more cautious as to how I'm spending, but more importantly saving my money

Your car becomes a second home


At least for me. I commute around three hours a day to get to and from work. My car has wrappers, shoes, a brush, back-up make-up, shirts, receipts, and fresh coffee stains. And that's just the passenger's seat.



NJ is notorious for their terrible traffic, but I wouldn't wish having to sit in commuter traffic on my worst enemy. I was so happy to get a job out of the crazy early or late hours I was working in hotels and restaurants, but I never realized how good of a commute I had it til now.

Your life becomes scheduled


Plans with friends and family I have to decide at least a day or two in advance. I've had to cancel dentist and doctors' appointments because I scheduled them before I had a full-time job and now I am relatively unavailable between 6am-6pm. I was never one to use planners in college but now I can't go a day without it.

Testing your memory...a lot!


I've met at least three new faces a day since being at work. It's most definitely been testing my ability to memorize names

You're happy, safe, and comfortable


I feel very lucky to have a job right out of college. Knowing when my next paycheck will be, having enough money to afford an independent life while still having an extra cushion for fun, and being able to pay off student loans are all luxuries I wasn't sure I'd have. Plus, absolutely loving my job is a plus too.

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