Let's Talk About 4 Controversies We All Should Be Enraged About
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Let's Talk About 4 Controversies We All Should Be Enraged About

Do you know about the famine in Yemen?

Let's Talk About 4 Controversies We All Should Be Enraged About

Within the last few weeks and months, countries all over the world including the United States are going through a lot of traumatic events, and it is heartbreaking to watch, to say the least. Every day, on the news, there are reports on the television, radio, or social media, about controversies involving women's rights and abortions, global warming and pollution, famine and war, shootings, detention centers for immigrants, and much more.

HOWEVER, the majority of the individuals in today's society seems to be more concerned about the lifestyle of celebrities and non-important issues. First and foremost, an individual should be more concerned about his/her own life because this will benefit them in the long run. They should use their voice, time, and platform to address important issues that not only affect society but them as well.

Now, let's get down to business and let's talk about a few controversies we all should be enraged about!

1. Ending Detention Centers

I've only heard about detention camps because of how people were comparing them to concentration camps, and how they originate back during the reign of Hitler in Nazi Germany and the Holocaust. Unfortunately, I was shocked to hear that people are locked in concentration camps and that concentration camps are still used in today's society.

Many children and adults are away from their families in unsanitary living conditions and do not have access to doctors in the concentration camps. I am disgusted that many families are separated from each other, and living in unsanitary conditions. No one deserves to live like that especially an immigrant who wants to live a new life in America.



2. Abortions

Abortions have always been a highly discussed topic for many years, but this year many states have changed their policies when it comes to abortions. For example, in Alabama, the governor signed a bill where abortions are illegal and there are no exceptions including rape cases or incest.

There was a public outcry after news of the bill broke. I have always tried to stay quiet about serious topics like this, however, in my opinion, a woman SHOULD have the right to decide if she wants an abortion or not especially when it comes to rape and/or an incest case.

Source: https://time.com/5589528/alabama-abortion-ban-roe-v-wade/

3. Famine in Yemen

When I found out about famine in Yemen, my heart broke into a million pieces seeing super hungry children, you can see their bones from the outside. I wanted to figure out what I can do to help these children in need.

Yemen has millions of children and adults who need humanitarian assistance and according to the Unicef's USA website, an estimate of 360,000 children under the age of five years old are acutely malnourished. You can donate to helping children and adults by using the link below!

Source: https://www.unicefusa.org/stories/monthly-donations-sustain-unicef-support-yemens-children/36050?utm_campaign=Nonbrand-Yemen-Alpha&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=bing&utm_content=yemenmonthly2&ms=cpc_dig_2019_Monthly_20190612_bing_yemenmonthly2_delve_none&initialms=cpc_dig_2019_Monthly_20190612_bing_yemenmonthly2_delve_none&msclkid=eb9a508c5671185d53980d96c79649ca&utm_term=yemen%20famine

4. Pollution

Pollution shouldn't ever be an issue, to begin with, however, it still is because some people in the world think "it's okay to leave my trash here" instead of putting it in the trash or recycling bins. Pollution is harmful to humans and animals alike, for example, if you leave a glass on the beach or anywhere to be in fact you can have it lodged up in your foot or hand. The consequences of pollution for animals is drastic and life-threatening.

For example, animals can choke on the trash and sharp objects and die from asphyxia (choking). Another example is pigs, if they swallow trash and sharp objects and die, we as consumers can consume these objects in our food. Remember to please pick up after yourself and don't leave trash around.

Source: https://youtu.be/-DtAD3RfpX4

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