Taking Summer Classes As Told By "The Office"

If there's anyone who knows about the monotony of everyday life, it's both college students taking summer classes and the characters of NBC's "The Office." Dunder Mifflin may not be the most exciting place to work, but the characters from "The Office" know how to make the best out of a bad situation, just like college students. Here are the stages of taking summer classes, as told by "The Office."

1. You stock up on alcohol that will last the six week term.

2. You realize that your friends are no longer in town and you're all alone.

3. How you feel all day, every day.

4. You're able to identify every person in your lecture hall because there are so few people.

5. You're able to find a parking spot on campus that you'd never be able to claim during fall.

6. You force the one person you know that's still in town to go out with you.

7. You start working out again so you can get that summer bod.

8. You might even sign up for an IM sport out of boredom (even though you're terrible at team sports).

9. You start to check things off of your bucket list, like trying that exotic restaurant in town.

10. Or download Tinder, because, why not?

11. You try to look attentive in class, but all you can think about is that your friends are studying abroad and doing cool stuff without you.

12. The second your three hour lecture ends, you cannot get out of that class fast enough.

13. If someone asks you to do literally anything, your answer is always the same.

14. You don't even think it's weird to go out multiple nights a week, even though you would never do that during fall or spring.

15. But after too many nights out on the town, you suddenly couldn't care less about going out and retreat home every night to watch Netflix.

16. Your lack of care for anything begins to take a toll on your appearance.

17. Everything's great! Until the moment you remember that you actually have schoolwork to do.

18. You try to give yourself a pep talk, but you know it's already too late.

19. You start to reconsider that decision of taking the hardest class in your major over a six week term.

20. You lose your damn mind (but it's okay, because there's literally no one in your college town to hear you scream and cry).

21. But then, all of your hard work actually pays off and you ace all of your summer classes.

22. As you pack up to go home, you can't believe summer term is already over.

23. You look back and realize summer term really wasn't that bad after all.

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