It's insane how quickly time goes by. Four weeks already in my favorite city, the mile-high city, Denver. This city has honestly blown me away in more ways than I imagined. I could not be happier with this decision I have made for myself. It is a bit scary at times, and sometimes really fricken scary but I push myself and try to find the positive in every situation I've been handed. It's been the best thing I could do for myself for moving to a city solo. Yeah do times get lonely, absolutely, but that's okay. Every time I start to slightly feel that way, I go find something to do in the city. Which in Denver there is literally always something to do.

This city has so much to offer for everyone. From music to food to art to mountain climbing-this city is literally the best of both worlds. On top of the killer views, the people here are just so kind. It's almost weird at first to be in a city where every single person is nice to you.

While finding a solid group of friends out here might be hard at first, I'm learning to put my time and energy into my passion, photography. Which is then in return having me meet people that have common interests. It's been working out pretty well I’d have to say. I also found a killer job in Washington Park and I've never been happier at a job. It's an awesome farm to table breakfast & brunch spot-with a coffee shop and bakery, called Devil's Food. So check it out if you are in town!

Since moving here I have also decided to change my lifestyle a bit. Eating a mostly plant based diet has me feeling so much more energy throughout the days. It's really cool being in a city where so many other people are doing it as well. It helps motivate each other to stay on that path. It's amazing how many restaurants are now offering so many vegan options.

I could keep rambling on about a million reasons why I already love this city so much, maybe I'll save that for another article. But one thing I will say is, if you want to move somewhere random, do it. It's going to be the coolest, scariest, best, spontaneous, life changing time of your life. Chase those dreams that you have and don't ever give up. The people you will meet and the time you have spent alone with yourself just learning more about who you are will be the best thing for you. Don’t listen to the people back home that call you crazy for doing it, because it’s not crazy, they could just never do it so that’s why they envy you.

Follow those dreams!

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