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Take That Risk

Does it scare you? Do it.

Take That Risk
Emily Crombez

Step outside your comfort zone.

When was the last time you decided to take a risk? Yeah, not a lot of people like risks. One possible consequence of a risk is failure. *gasp* But failure isn't the worst thing out there.

People who have taken risks have failed. There have been many successful people that have failed time and time again, learned from their failures, and become successful through persistence and determination, working toward their goals.

There are so many possibilities as to when, where, and why you can take risks. For example, think of when you ran into someone you thought was really cool. You probably wanted to spend more time with them, so you thought the best way to do it would be to ask them if they wanted to hang out or grab coffee.

Did you ask them?

I know someone who asked - who was scared out his wits, but didn't turn away. And as I understand it, he's so grateful he stepped up to the challenge and faced his fear. Yeah, that's right, I'm talking about you, Morgan, Allison, Brenna and Reed. I know you were all scared of me because I was such a strong personality. But you took the time to get to know me, and look how far we've come. Our friendships have blossomed to a point where all of us have helped each other grow and find our own spot in the world.

This goes out to the people that were afraid, but took the risk anyway.

This goes out to Morgan, who was so afraid I wouldn't like her, but that learned that I'm quite nice and friendly and absolutely nothing to be afraid of in any regards.

This goes out to Allison, who was deathly afraid of the high ropes course, but decided to go anyway and attempt to conquer your fear. I'm proud of you for not crying (much).

This goes out to Brenna, who was so freaked out by a rock wall, but you climbed the rock walls with me anyway.

And Reed, for bring scared of me and talking to me anyway, being scared of heights but climbing on rooftops with me, being scared of life, and choosing to proceed living life at full speed.

And this goes out to all of you.

Every single person reading this, this article is for you. This is me, making an effort, taking the risk that you'll think it's strange that I'm trying to speak to you through some words on a webpage, hoping that I can motivate you and inspire you to take a leap of faith, take a risk, and let factors other than you take control of your circumstances.

Let the world take you where it will.

I've been scared too.

I've stayed up nights wondering about possibilities, about auditions, applications, opportunities that I wanted, wondering if I was even going to get them if I tried. And I've been told no. I have failed. But my failure has not defined me in any regards, and it really isn't a bad thing. Even if I fail, I choose to not give up - to try again, if the opportunity arises.

It matters that you took a risk, and you grew.

I recently decided to change my major from Neuroscience to Psychology, and making that decision felt like a huge risk. But I knew that I wasn't truly happy in Neuroscience. I'd been to a couple conferences, and both times, the conferences were great. They were enjoyable, but it just didn't feel like I was meant to be there.

Choosing to do that caused me a lot of uncertainty, but it was certainly a risk worth taking.

And it helps me develop every step of the way.

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