Sometimes, things aren't your fault. You slipped on ice, a fire started in your dorm, or you got called into work and had to skip class. Those situations aren't your fault, but they also aren't excuses for not doing what you need or should be doing. You are responsible for claiming an education and getting the grades you want.

Not your mom, not your teachers, YOU.

Your teacher is going to keep teaching whether or not you understand, so it's your job to make sure that you understand what is happening in the class. Go to office hours, email the instructor, read the assigned material, find extra material on youtube.

Wanna live it up and go to all the parties and drink all night? Skip class because you would rather binge watch "Game of Thrones"? Go ahead, so long as you recognize that it's your choice and your fault if you lose attendance points or fail because you never studied.

Even those of us with learning disabilities or mental health issues don't get off scot free either. It's our responsibility to make sure the Disability Services office and the teachers are meeting our needs. If our depression keeps us from going to class, we need to let the teacher know so we can catch up.

I know there are things that are out of your control, but you can still take responsibiltiy for your reaction to it.