Taco Bell, We Need To Talk About Your New Spicy Sweet - Double Stacked Tacos.
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Taco Bell, We Need To Talk About Your New Spicy Sweet - Double Stacked Tacos.

What were you thinking Taco Bell......

Taco Bell, We Need To Talk About Your New Spicy Sweet - Double Stacked Tacos.

I like to consider myself a Taco Bell connoisseur. It has been my favorite fast food place for as long as I can remember and one of the reasons I enjoy it so much is because of their creativity. Every month they bring out some crazy new item I just have to go and try and most of the time they're okay and sometimes they strike gold (I'm looking at you quesarito). As is the occupational hazard when you are constantly trying to innovate, sometimes your new item falls flat.

To say their new spicy sweet - double stacked tacos fell short would be a gross understatement and I mean gross in the literal sense also. Taco bell is not shy about combining things that normally don't go together. Breakfast and tacos, pizza and tortillas, doritios and tacos. These things are not the best things in the world, but atleast they are edible. The same cannot be said for their newest monstrosity where they combine crappy chinese takeout and mexican food in one shell.

If you want to see Taco Bell's official description of this thing here it is, but for those of you too lazy to click the link or still confused about what the hell this thing is, let me explain.

I want you to imagine this with me. Picture a soft flour tortilla covered in nacho cheese sauce cradling a classic taco bell hard taco. Sounds great right? And you're right, it is great until they do the unthinkable. THEY ADD DUCK SAUCE WITH HOT RED PEPPER FLAKES IN IT. You read that right.

They decided that putting spicy duck sauce on a taco would taste good. I don't know who okay'd this, but they should be fired. Not only does the sauce mix with the already paste-like meat to make an abomination resembing slime, but the sweet part of the sauce is sickly and the spicy. Let me tell you about the spicy real quick. You ever just eaten a raw hot pepper before? You now how it just hurts without really tasting like anything? That's this sauce. It's sickly sweet and too hot to consume and enjoy. I was chugging water after one bite and the pain would not go away for a good ten minutes. Now I can handle spicy food as well as the next white guy, but this was just senseless heat in a disgusting guise.

Taco bell. I love you, seriously. But this is not okay. What you are doing to us could drive us apart forever. Please fix this. Remove this asian-inspired inferno taco. It was a cute idea and a nice effort but, to be blunt, it really freaking sucks.

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