Orientation week is finally here. Get ready to have a blast and settle in far above Cayuga's waters for the next four years. In addition to attending all of the required events, here are some other things you should definitely do during orientation.

1. Ask orientation leaders anything.

Everybody wearing a red shirt on campus is there to help you. Whether you need directions to someplace on campus or don't know the best place to eat, orientation leaders are your best source of information during Orientation.

2. Check out the orientation mobile app.

The app was developed by an orientation leader 2 years ago to make it easier to schedule which events you are attending during Orientation Week. The Orientation Steering Committee has planned a lot of fun and informative events so make sure you're able to attend the ones you want to while also going to mandatory events and college specific events.

3. Don't worry about move-in day.

Orientation Leaders and Greek movers are there to do the heavy lifting and make moving in as seamless as possible.

4. Have ice cream at the Dairy Bar.

It get's pretty hot during Orientation week and having ice cream at the Dairy Bar is a fun way to cool down when you have some downtime.

5. Invest in a fan.

The first and last few weeks of the year can get very hot and if you're in one of the older dorms, a fan is a must to keep cool.

6. Bring an umbrella.

It will rain unexpectedly during or after orientation week. It's best to have an umbrella because a Cornell map is not going to cut it to keep you dry when it rains in Ithaca.

7. Try out the TCAT.

The TCAT is the bus system that runs at Cornell and to various places in Ithaca. All freshman have free bus passes so feel free to check out the routes on campus and maybe even other places in Ithaca like the Commons.

8. Explore campus.

Simply walk into buildings to get a feel for campus. The law library is a really cool building that I wouldn't have known about if I hadn't decided to explore campus. The Physical Sciences Building and Klarman Hall have AC so you can beat the heat. Visit the libraries and explore your dorms for study spots/places to crash during the day. Climb the clock tower. Experience the struggle of walking up and down Libe Slope.

9. Check out the Dump and Run sale.

There's a lot of items that previous students have left behind and since all the proceeds are going to charity, it's a great sale to check out.

10. Get the swim test out of the way.

There's a saying that the longer you wait to take the swim test, the colder the water gets. Also, if you're concerned that you might not be able to pass on the first try, you can try multiple times on the same day or during any of the possible times that week.

11. Check out the plantations.

If you want to see how beautiful Cornell's campus is before classes and the snow starts falling, the plantations is the place to go.

12. Explore the gorges.

What other school has waterfalls on campus? Ithaca is gorges.

13. Visit the Carol Takton Center in Balch Hall.

This place is a great resource during and after Orientation week for any questions or if you need to temporarily check out a laptop.

14. Visit the Johnson Art Museum.

It's right by North Campus, it has awesome art, and you'll quickly learn that events at the museum are a lot of fun and have free food. During the day, you can see an awesome view on the top floor. And if you want to check out the museum after hours, during orientation, there's even a Night at the Johnson Museum event!