Sweetlife Music Festival: The Lowdown
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Sweetlife Music Festival: The Lowdown

In case you weren't there

Sweetlife Music Festival: The Lowdown
via: Marissa McCormick

When you graduate, you get quite a bit of money. Relatives and friends come out of the woodwork to give you "Oh the Places You Go!" books with a discretely placed check in the pages. I think they know that you're going to need it. They know that you depleted your bank account the last few weeks of school. They also know that student loans are about to crawl out from underneath that carpet you swept them under.

So right now I have more money in my bank account than I've ever had before. And before you think that I'm some big hot shot, it's still not a lot of money. I look at my bank account and smile, but most regular working people would look at my bank account and panic.

Having this much money is dangerous because, in my four years of college, I never learned how to budget money. I like to think that I'm an emotional buyer. The kind of act now, deal with the consequences later buyer. A fiscal nightmare. So when I found out about Sweetlife Music Festival, I bought a ticket immediately. $100 ticket? No problem! It's not like I have looming debt or anything.

The price was actually $114 with processing fees, which is the worst thing ever. On the list of worst things in life, processing fees are pretty high up there. With things like: people that cut the line, shrinking clothes in the dryer and Donald Trump in his entirety. Truly, honestly ticket people, what are you processing that takes $14. And once you tell me, are you hiring for that position? But I digress.

Sweetlife is the perfect festival for those just trying to dip their feet into the festival scene. The three stages are spread out enough that you're not being herded in sweaty groups stage to stage. The performances, even on the main stage, feel intimate. The atmosphere is chilled in comfortable. The average age at this years festival, however, was about 15. I very old as tweens with braces danced around in something that looked like a bra to me. I wanted to tell the girls to put on a cardigan and take off some of that make-up, but I'm sure that would make me look lame. My sister and I chalked up the reasoning in the age to the fact that The 1975 was headlining. The group is famous for their younger and devout fanbase. Every time I would see someone over the age of 20 we would silently nod at each other, as if we knew that we were essentially at a highschool event.

But that didn't take away from the music one bit. We started the day with Prinze George, an indie-alternative band from Prince George, MD. The upbeat groovy vibes were the perfect start to the day. We twirled along to their title track "Upswing" as I ate a delicious, but completely overpriced hotdog. Impulsive buyer, remember.

Next was Wolf Alice, the grungy band from London dominated the main stage as tweens and adults alike banged their heads. Ellie Roswell, the lead singer, is incredible. By the end of the set every guy wanted to date her and every girl wanted to be her.

Then, it was the moment I had been waiting for, Mac Demarco took the stage. He shuffled through his entire discography, playing from "2" and ending with the crowd favorite "Together." He ended with a jump dive into the crowd. While crowd surfing, Demarco lit a cigarette from a fan, and looked like he belonged there, Canadian tuxedo and all.

The heavens opened up and it started to pour just as Eagles of Death Metal took the stage. People huddled underneath the roofs as the true rock band shredded through their set. Lead singer, Jesse Hughes explained that his niece that just beat cancer was there. Which was responded with a wave of screams.

Then it was over to PartyNextDoor. For those of you that see PND as a "feature-only" artist, I implore you to check out his solo work. He played from mostly from his most recent EP. His voice, which sounds incredible live, is a mood setter. He might be the new Al Green because couples were looking at each other with heart eyes. My sister an I just looked at each other and decided we should get a drink.

Next, Grimes. Grimes is not for the faint of heart. Her expertly crafted harmonies mixed with her electronics is assaulting on the ears. But in the best way possible. At one point during her set, she was screaming bloody murder while crawling on the ground. And it sounded amazing, don't ask me how she does it. She shut the club down with "Venus Fly" her track featuring Janelle Monae.

Then Flume was the heartbreak to end the night. He had about 20 great minutes before the sound malfunctioned and he had to stop. The crowd was sad to say the least.

All in all, Sweetlife get an A+ in my book. Despite the teeny-boppers, rain and technical malfunctions it was worth the impulsive buy. All $114 of it.

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