The Final 10 Contestants Are Split Between Two Alliances
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The Final 10 Contestants Are Split Between Two Alliances

Can the Alliance of Six Stay Strong Or Will They Turn On Each Other?

The Final 10 Contestants Are Split Between Two Alliances

Numbers are dwindling and every move counts. Who will make the right move this week and get one step closer to winning? Who will get one step closer to leaving?

Final 10

Andrea Boehlke

Aubry Bracco

Brad Culpepper

Cirie Fields

Michaela Bradshaw

Sarah Lacina

Sierra Thomas

Tai Trang

Troyzan Robertson

Zeke Smith

Night 26

Sarah approaches the tribe and reveals that she was the deciding vote against Debbie. This being uncharted territory for Sarah (not making the final 10 in her first season), she has to tread carefully. She is in a good position but just as easily as she changed the game on Sierra’s alliance, the game could change on her.

Reward Challenge Day 27

Both teams (Team 1: Brad, Zeke, Andrea, Aubry, Sarah; Team 2: Sierra, Troyzan, Michaela, Tai, and Cirie) struggled with the world puzzle in a hilarious montage. Rivals Zeke and Andrea ultimately came up with the answer and won the reward.

Reward Trip

Another relaxing food/vacation reward which focuses on Brad and Zeke bonding over football. Zeke may not look like it, but he is a big college football fan and that allowed him to make an alliance with another former football player Chris Hammons in Millennials vs Gen X. Although to use it appeared to be much ado about nothing, Andrea and Aubry became concerned.

Back at Camp

After returning from the reward, Andrea and Cirie try to get a plan in motion against Zeke. Cirie and Sarah go back and forth on the subject. The big question is: is it worth blindsiding a dangerous player in your alliance of 6 now or would it be too risky since a 6-4 advantage would then only become a 5-4 advantage? Tai, Troyzan, Brad, and Sierra are left in the dark for a big while Zeke and Sarah contemplate their future. Zeke wants to make a final 5 deal with Sarah, Michaela, Brad, and Troyzan. Once again, Sarah seems stuck in the middle. She has a close alliance with Zeke so you can feel her reluctance to let go of a reliable number. On the other end of the spectrum, Andrea knows Zeke targeted her before and is desperate to make the first strike.

Immunity Challenge Day 29

The first person to stack their domino-esque cards while navigating trip hazards and causing their stack to hit the finish checkpoint wins immunity and a guaranteed spot in the final 9. Andrea comes out on top and wins her 2nd immunity challenge this season.

Day 29 Camp Life

While Sierra, Tai, Troyzan, and Brad are left in the dark, Zeke tries to rally his alliance against the next target in the minority. The women continue to debate whether or not Zeke should go or if they should wait until the numbers are more stacked against the minority to eliminate one of their own. Aubry, Cirie, and Andrea are definitely ready to vote Zeke out. Sarah and Michaela don’t feel it's the right move. One of these forces will have to give.

Day 29 Tribal Council

While the majority alliance alludes to their dilemma at Tribal Council, Sierra, Brad, Tai, and Troyzan hope for the best while Zeke hopes he can trust his alliance for this vote. The votes come in and Zeke’s hopes are dashed. Despite reluctances from Sarah and Michaela, Zeke is out of the game. In his final words, he reveals he was planning on taking out Andrea soon so it does confirm Andrea’s suspicions and solidifies that she made the right move.

Dock of Shame: Zeke Smith

Highs, lows, good moves, bad moves, Zeke’s story this season had everything. I think Zeke has shown great potential but he wastes it by playing too hard. You know you've made yourself into a huge target when Cirie says “I've played Survivor 4 times and he knows more about the game than I do”. He will probably be back a 3rd time but I'm not quite sure he merits it over some other players who could also be brought back a 2nd or 3rd time. Zeke was definitely all over the map this season. He was spoiled for choice in terms of allies and then benefitted from going through the first 13 days without visiting a single Tribal Council. Zeke’s solid start by getting Sandra out was then overshadowed by the Varner drama and then there was no hope for Zeke to fly under the radar. Nevertheless, Zeke seemed on course for a solid season until he jumped against Cirie and Andrea for no reason. Once you break trust, there really is no repairing it. Eventually the bandages come off and old wounds resurface. Returning players tend to be less forgiving than the likes of Jay Starrett and Will Wahl, who we played with his first season. And ultimately, Zeke doesn’t have much more than a similar finish to show for his Survivor career.

By the Numbers

4: The number of immunity wins Andrea has earned over the course of her 3 seasons.

11: The numbers of votes Zeke received in the post merge; 2 on Day 21, 4 on Day 24, and 5 on Day 29.

50: The percent of votes that were cast against Zeke out of the 10 players. Normally that would force a tie, but since the other half were split (3 votes for Tai from Sierra, Troyzan, and Brad, 2 votes for Sierra from Tai and Zeke), it was enough. Cirie has blindsided quite a few players without full on majorities, namely Bobby Mason and Courtney Marit from her original season.

99: 37 days in Redemption Island, 33 in Caramoan, and 29 so far in Game Changers means Andrea is one day away from joining the 100 days on Survivor club. It is all but certain now, and hopefully Jeff Probst mentions Andrea’s feat in the next episode.

Survivor Podium

Medal Count

Gold: Brad, Sandra, Zeke (2), Sarah, Tai

Silver: Debbie, Jeff, Sarah (2), Andrea, Brad, Cirie, Debbie, Ozzy, Sierra, Tai (1)

Bronze: Hali (2), Aubry, Brad, Cirie, Malcolm, Sarah, Troyzan (1)

Current Leader: Brad Culpepper: 2 golds, 1 silver, 1 bronze

Bronze: Sarah Lacina

This was another key week for positioning herself for the end game, and it was a mixed bag. Bad news is she threw away a reliable vote. But the good news is by voting out Zeke she solidified trust in her other allies so it was a net gain.

Silver: Cirie Fields

Not only is Cirie somehow flying under the radar, having yet to receive a vote against her this season, but she seems to be the bridge between different factions of the tribe. She has good relationships with the outsiders as well as strong individual relationships with each of her allies.

Gold: Andrea Boehlke

No one benefitted more from this episode’s outcome than Andrea. She succeeded in taking out an enemy before he even cast a vote against her. Although she isn’t yet at the final 5 or 7 (her finishes from Redemption Island and Caramoan respectively), she seems to have learned and improved from both of those seasons. If there was any doubt Andrea was a strong player before this season, it should be gone by now.

Next Time on Survivor

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