Surviving Valentine's Day 101
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Surviving Valentine's Day 101

A guide for all the single ladies out there.

Surviving Valentine's Day 101
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If you're reading this, you're probably a) aware of what many call the "impending doom" or b) are curious as to what in the world could be better than a candle-lit dinner. While it's only a mere 13 letters, it's just enough to make people across the nation cringe: Valentine's Day. There's no way to avoid it; it covers the candy aisle in practically every store and even all of your favorite tv shows have a mushy, gushy Valentine's Day special. As a single girl, it can suck. It's a reminder YET again that you're single (if the 364 other days of the year aren't enough). While many will turn to a bottle and self-wallow this day, try a different approach this year. And if it's not for you, well hey, at least you tried it and I highly doubt that bottle went anywhere in the meantime.

If you want to eat, try...

1. The Singles Blizzard Treat (caramel truffles, peanut butter cups, and peanut butter mixed into your choice of soft-serve) from DQ (See, not all deserts have to be pink, red, and white.)

2. Getting punny! Dated a backstabber? Eat foods on skewers. Have a psycho ex-boyfriend? Eat nuts. Eat heart-shaped pizza because it's your one true love. The list goes on and on, but have fun with it.

3. Making a home-cooked meal! So what if you don't have a guy to make it for? Treat yourself (or even a few friends) to a fancy pasta dish and decadent desert. You'll have fun making a fool of yourself trying to follow the recipe and no one will judge you if you have a food baby afterward. Load up the carbs, you deserve it.

4. Eating chocolate. There's no rule that says chocolate is reserved for people in relationships.

If you want to do something fun, try...

1. Watching a funny movie! Don't let yourself get roped into watching some cheesy romantic movie on Netflix. Don't get me wrong, I'm always down for watching "Dear John" or "The Vow," but watch something that takes your mind off of the holiday. Google "anti-valentines day" movies and I promise you'll have an endless supply of movies. And if you really feel the urge to see a romantic movie, see what's in the theaters and go with friends, make the night of it.

2. Having a girls' night out! Just because it's February 14th doesn't mean you should stay locked in all day. Grab some friends and go out, no matter what night of the week it is. Get dressed up to impress yourself, not some guy who wouldn't even notice you styled your hair a different way. Take a million photos and squish into a uber with one too many people. Hit the bar or the club and just let loose dancing to throwback dance remixes with other singles. Who says Beyonce's "Single Ladies" can't take your mind off of things?

3. Having a girls night in! Have an adult sleepover consisting of painting nails, anti-valentines day pinatas (cause who doesn't love smacking things every once in a while), and making anti-cupid martinis. You could even do a Valentine's Day themed secret Santa to replace the Valentine's gifts our parents no longer give us (shout-out to my mom for always being my favorite valentine). Make a killer playlist and just let loose in sweats in this easy, judge-free zone.

Just remember, you're only lonely if you make yourself feel that way. Surround yourself with good company and before you know it, the clock will strike 12:01 and it'll all be over. Then the real fun can begin: buying all the discount candy.

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