School is now in session, but on the bright side, college football season is back! College football season is celebrated like a national holiday. While we still have to go to our classes, football countdowns help the weeks of the fall semester go by so much quicker. Saturdays have never been better, especially if you are able to survive the chaos of our favorite day: Game day!

Here are a few tips for surviving our favorite time of the year!

1. Stay hydrated

Drink water! Football season starts off at the end of summer and the summer heat can be brutal. Always bring an unopened water bottle with you into the games so that you have something to drink.

2. Always wear sunscreen

Sunscreen should always be applied before you go out in the sun. If you have a travel size bottle of sunscreen, take it with you. Hats are also helpful for keeping the sun out of your face. Even if it seems like the sky will be cloudy, put on sunscreen!

3. Dress for the weather

Always check the weather before game day. If it is a hot weather game, you don't want to be burning up in black jeans and a jacket; if it is a cold weather game, you don't want to be wearing a tube top and mini skirt. The weather is constantly changing up until the day of the game, so be on the lookout and dress accordingly.

4. Wear comfortable shoes

On game day, you're going to do A LOT of walking. Walking is an efficient way to get around on game days because it is free and convenient. In order to minimize the risk of blisters, wear comfortable shoes.

5. Invest in a clear bag and a portable charger

Most stadiums have implemented clear bag policies and only allow small opaque bags in or clear bags of any size. I recommend investing in a clear bag so you don't have to carry your phone, wallet, portable charger and other miscellaneous items around. Another good investment is a portable charger. You don't want your phone to die and not be able to take pictures and videos at the stadium.

6. Bring a card or money

Sometimes you don't eat before the game or you're thirsty. Bring money or cards to buy refreshments. However, stadiums sell their refreshments at a higher price because the demand is high, so take that into consideration. Always try to eat something before the game.

College game days are back and better than ever!