Surprising Places To Find A Vegan Dish In NYC
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Surprising Places To Find A Vegan Dish In NYC

Yes, you CAN eat with your omnivore friends without ordering a side salad!

Surprising Places To Find A Vegan Dish In NYC
Edible Brooklyn

New York City is a haven for all-vegan restaurants, but most vegans frequent the omnivore restaurants from time to time as well. Not all of our friends want to join us for seitan, after all!

The good news is that many NYC restaurants welcome a variety of diets and lifestyles, including the please-don't-put-cheese-in-my-salad crowd. In fact, vegans can often find these dishes in the most surprising places, including BBQ joints and mac and cheese parlors.

Here are some of the best dishes found in omnivore restaurants in the Big Apple, straight from the mouths of NYC vegans.

The Pho Veggie (with soy or tofu) at V-Nam Cafe

Why it's surprising: While Asian cuisines are often easy for veg*ns to navigate, pho is traditionally prepared with beef brisket and a beef broth.
Yelpers say: "Refreshingly simple," tofu is "perfectly" fried, "hands down the best veggie pho"
Price: $8
Location: Lower East Side
Submitted by: Kirsten B.

The Veggie Burger (hold the tzatziki) at Boulton & Watt

Why it's surprising: It's a trendy gastropub, so bacon and fried eggs are everywhere. However, I firmly maintain that this is THE best veggie burger in the city--just make sure to ask for it without the tzatziki. It's also worth mentioning that the rosemary fries here are life-altering.
Yelpers say: "I'm a very tough critic...and I was quite impressed," "superb," "best veggie burgers around"
Price: $14
Location: Lower East Side
Submitted by: me!

Tofu Bahn Mi (hold the mayo & butter) from Henry's

Why it's surprising: Hole-in-the-wall shops are often associated with hearty, authentic cuisines. They're generally NOT associated with vegan options.
Yelpers say: "From the first bite you'll be in heaven," "So much to love"
Price: $6.50
Location: South Slope
Submitted by: Alexandra S.

Vegan Pizza from Adelina's

Why it's surprising: NYC is known for great pizza. Vegans are not. Adelina's has great vegan pizza. Surprise! Vegan royalty Isa Chandra dines there frequently, so it HAS to be good.
Yelpers say: "Delicious Italian find," "love the crust," "five star," "would definitely get it again"
Price: $11-15 for 10" pie
Location: Greenpoint
Submitted by: Milan F.

Vegetable Newari Thali (hold the yogurt) at Woodside Cafe

Why it's surprising: It's not always easy to find vegan food in Queens.
Yelpers say: "probably the best Newari food in new York"
Price: $7.95
Location: Woodside
Submitted by: Pasang C.

The Brown Rice Edamame Tofu Bowl from Friedman's

Why it's surprising: Because 80% of the photos on the Yelp page are of chicken and waffles.
Yelpers say: "loved it," "fabulous"
Price: $12 +4 for tofu
Location: Hell's Kitchen
Submitted by: Karen S.

The Vegan Queso Mac at Morgan's Barbeque

Why it's surprising: Um, it's a BBQ joint. This restaurant absorbed the Elbow Room company, which specialized in creative mac and cheese flavors. Luckily for herbies, there is a vegan mac with soyrizo, tortilla strips, jalapeños, avocado, and cilantro that will make you feel right at home across from your omnivore companions.
Yelpers say: "DELICIOUS," "even tastier than the dairy version," "comfort food"
Price: $9
Location: Flatbush
Submitted by: me!

The Vegan Options at Haab

Why it's surprising: While Mexican food boasts plant-based ingredients, they are often cooked with pig fat and topped with sour cream. This restaurant stands out by having a FULL section of vegan options on their menu.
Yelpers say (about all vegan options): "More people need to know" about it, "go-to item for dinner delivery"
Price: Anywhere from $4.95 (for a taco) to $16.95 (for the fajitas or enchiladas)
Location: Park Slope
Submitted by: Rachel M., who recommends the seitan fajitas

Vegan Mac with Figs, Mushrooms, and Rosemary at S'MAC

Why it's surprising: It's a mac and cheese restaurant. When you walk in, the shop smells distinctively of cheese. If you can get past that, you will win. The vegan cheese sauce is slightly sweet, so treat it like the "Parisienne Mac" and choose figs, mushrooms, and rosemary as your mix-ins.
Yelpers say: "SO YUMMY," "Def recommend," "dream come true"
Price: $7.75 for "Nosh" size
Location: East Village
Submitted by: me!

The Jerk Seitan at Glady's

Why it's surprising: Caribbean food has never really screamed vegan-friendly.
Yelpers say: "nicely spicy and tender," "it didn't disappoint," "delicious and expertly seasoned"
Price: $9
Location: Crown Heights
Recommended to me by my friend Kate B.

The Vegan Mexican Matzo Brei at Essex

Why it's surprising: Finding satisfying vegan options at brunch--particularly in a trendy restaurant--has never been an easy feat.
Yelpers say: "I left full, happy and a little tipsy," "we all cleaned our plates," "delicious"
Price: $16.95, or $29.95 for bottomless mimosas
Location: Lower East Side
Submitted by: me!

Sisig Rice Bowl (hold the egg!) from Lumpia Shack

Why it's surprising: Filipino food is known for its love of pork belly.
Yelpers say: "I'll definitely get it again," "really delicious"
Price: $13
Location: West Village (brick and mortar) and at pop ups and Smorgasbords around the city
Submitted by: Rebecca L.

Bagels & Cinnamon-Walnut-Raisin Tofu Cream Cheese at Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee

Why it's surprising: The biggest surprise, besides the fact that it is NOT located in Brooklyn, is that this bagel shop does not use egg washes on their bagels, unlike the majority of the famous places around the city. Additionally, their tofu cream cheese menu is larger than most, and the walnut-raisin is definitely the way to go.
Yelpers say: "Seriously my favorite bagel company in the city," "Great flavor and smooth texture," "Tofu 'cream cheese' was phenomenal," "highly recommend the tofu cream cheeses"
Price: less than $5
Location: Chelsea, Astoria
Submitted by: me!

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