I'm pretty sure we are all aware of the drama that has been going on between James Charles and Tati Westbrook. I usually ignore these things, as they are fairly insignificant and I normally have more important things happening in my life. This specific incident piqued my interest because of the significant impact that it has had on James Charles' career. He has lost over 3 million subscribers since it came out.

I have always appreciated his art. He is without a doubt talented. I don't subscribe to his YouTube channel or anything, but every once in a while I will watch a couple of his videos and sit there in awe of his artistic creations. One thing that I kept in mind while watching Tati's video exposing James was that he is my age. If I randomly and suddenly shot to fame, I know I would get a big head.

As much as anyone tries to avoid it, fame and fortune go right to your head.

The fact that the entire thing started with James posting a picture that featured Sugar Bear Hair gummies really got my goat. I am all for supporting friends and their businesses, but I don't think that if one of your friends' supports a rival company that it justifies calling him out as she did. A couple of screenshots of text messages were just released showing that he asked for the security to cover him at Coachella, but to me, those don't change anything. I just think of what a mess he must be right now. His whole career is crumbling apart, his friends don't trust him, and everything he built his life on these past few years is disappearing.

We are all human. We all make mistakes.

It's understandable that he got a big head when he shot to fame and that he got cocky (no pun intended). He said things that he shouldn't have and he probably did things he shouldn't have, but the whole world seems to be against him right now and it makes me feel for him. I can't open up social media without seeing a joke about his career falling apart or making fun of his apology. I'm not saying he is totally in the right, I'm just saying that we need to put the situation in perspective.