Supporting Black Lives Matter
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Supporting Black Lives Matter

What we can and must do to support and maintain the movement.

Supporting Black Lives Matter

Recently the world seems as if it will never go back to normal. Since mid March we have been in a non stop whirlwind of devastation. I think it is important though to be as involved as possible with current events as we are living through a pivotal moment in history and in some cases maybe the world should not go back to the "normal" we were used to. In particular, the tragic death of George Floyd is something that deserves attention and advocacy even after the social media trends slow down or end.

As a white woman living in America I will never fully understand the racial bias that people of color face every day. There is an entire demographic of Americans who cannot leave their homes to do everyday activities without fearing racism, brutality, and more. For this reason I have found that now more than ever I must use my voice and privilege to the benefit of their cause.

One of the biggest things I have noticed is that lots of people, especially the younger generations, jump onto social media trends as a way to raise awareness for and support issues such as Black Lives Matter. Although I do not dispute that these platforms are an incredible way to get the facts spread about the topic, it is not enough to post a photo or a story on Instagram or some other app and then feel as though your job is done. People of all ages post, whether it be an instagram tag or a facebook wall update, and then leave it at that. We must take the conversation further, though. As a society we must hold each other accountable to have the tough, uncomfortable conversations in order to reach the root of the issue and then use our voices to advocate for real change. Politics can be a scary topic for many, but the death of George Floyd was the wake up call we needed to see the true power of the public's voice. Since the protests following George Floyd's death, all of the cops involved in Mr. Floyd's death have been arrested, Breonna Taylor's case has been opened, among many other accomplishments. We cannot let this be the peak and end of the movement however.

If these past few months have taught us one thing it is the true influence that society holds over politics and social norms. To keep up the strength of the movement we must continue to attend protests, educate ourselves, contact our representatives and senators, among many other things. Especially those falling in demographics that will never experience the same prejudice and violence it is important to educate yourself on black literature and history, as well as reading first hand experiences and talking to those who have lived it. Beyond that allies of the movement can continue to use their privilege as a way to protect people who face violence simply because of their race. Another crucial step to take in the next few months especially is to get out and vote. We are lucky to have such a big say in who leads or federal, state and local government we must get out and vote for elections on all levels.

In short we must band together as a nation and continue to move Black Lives Matter forward even more. There has been substantial progress made in the past month but still so much more to be done. No more innocent people should face violence, prejudice, or be killed for their race. In the words of Martin Luther King Jr., "No, no, we are not satisfied, and we will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream." We must not be satisfied until there is no more racism and violence. Until everyone who commited a crime out of hate is held accountable. Until we have done absolutely all that we can to make sure everyone is equal.

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