Although we fight like cats and dogs, I always want to remind you both that I love you. You have been my best friends and role models for me since day one. Because of you two, I have learned to work hard, be kind, and good things will come to you. After entering college, I realized how much you mean to me, and I began to appreciate all the time we have spent together. Nothing could ever replace the bond we keep. I know you will drop anything in a heartbeat to help me, and I am so lucky to have two great sisters by my side.

Yes, we pull hair, throw punches, push and shove, but it is all out of love. No perfect relationship exists. There has to be hatred shown at some point. I apologize for my rude comments, ignoring you, and especially the nasty bruises. It amazes me that no matter how much we fight, nothing will ever break the bond that we have.

I am extremely lucky to have not only one but two older sisters that I can look up to. You are both completely different people, but I have definitely learned a whole lot. I have learned to never give up through any bump in the road. There is always a path to follow around those bumps. I have also learned to work hard every day and you should never stop reaching for what you really want in life. There have been several occasions when I wanted to give up on various aspects of life, but you two always encouraged me to keep moving and reminded me that if you love something, never let it go.

I know we will always have each other’s backs, and I love to say “if you want to mess with me, you must go through my sisters first.” Whether it be picking up the phone at three o’clock in the morning to listen to my problems or simply telling me that everything is going to be ok. I know I can get the best advice and support from my own two sisters.

You are my bodyguards, my biggest supporters, and the hands that wipe my tears away. I cannot wait to see what great success the future holds for all you.

Pick on me once, I’ll yell at you.

Pick on me twice, I’ll get revenge.

But always stay by my side. All the love.