All That Super Bowl LII Tells Us Is That These Two Teams Both Have Something To Prove

All That Super Bowl LII Tells Us Is That These Two Teams Both Have Something To Prove

The Hall of Famer vs. the Underdog


So we have finally made it -- Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis Minnesota. Tom Brady and the New England Patriots look to become back-to-back Super Bowl champions for the second time in Tom Brady’s illustrious career. The Philadelphia Eagles are riding out their “underdog” persona and trying to bring the Lombardi Trophy home for the first time in Eagles history.

The last time the Eagles made it to the Super Bowl was in Super Bowl XXXIX against none other than the Tom Brady and the New England Patriots and the Eagles lost 24-21. The Eagles were favored to win that Super Bowl, but when their star WR had an ankle injury during the game, the Eagles chances began to dwindle.

The Eagles are looking to bring home the Lombardi Trophy home for the first time in Eagles history...with a backup quarterback. Carson Wentz, the Eagles starting quarterback, had a season-ending leg injury in week 14 against the Rams. So in comes, the backup Nick Foles, who actually went to the pro bowl for the Eagles in 2014 then went to a couple of other teams and inevitably ended up back with the Eagles as a backup.

He has played under the Eagles offensive system for some time and knows the playbook just as well as Wentz. Experts are saying that Foles playing is not a huge difference in Wentz playing in the game because they have the same attributes in the throwing game, but he is not as mobile as Wentz when he leaves the pocket.

The Patriots are coming into this game looking for their sixth Super Bowl title since Tom Brady has taken over as starting quarterback. Brad and the Patriots have had a quiet regular season with just the right amount of wins to get them yet another home field advantage in the playoffs.

The Patriots have not won a Super Bowl by more than six points, which leads us to believe that this game will be no different. This is going to be another high scoring Super Bowl with Tom Brady and Nick Foles slinging the ball around and putting up points. If this game lives up to the hype, the team that scores last is going to be the winner of the game. And what is Brady known for...Patriots down by about six points with two minutes left in the game and the ball in Brady’s hands.

Brady is looking for his sixth Super Bowl ring, which would give him another record with most Super Bowl rings in the history of the NFL surpassing Charles Haley with five rings. The Eagles, however, are looking to play out their “underdog” persona and take down the powerhouse that the Patriots have built.

After the final whistle is blown and the confetti falls down in Minneapolis, will it be the first ballot Hall of Famer Tom Brady holding up the Lombardi yet again. Or will it be Foles and the “underdog” Eagles bringing home the trophy that the city of Philadelphia has been patiently waiting for.

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