Doritos, 'Dew, And Dogs—The Winning Commercials From Super Bowl 50
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Doritos, 'Dew, And Dogs—The Winning Commercials From Super Bowl 50

Doritos, 'Dew, And Dogs—The Winning Commercials From Super Bowl 50

Confession time: I love watching football. It was no question that I would be watching this past weekend when the Carolina Panthers battled it out against the ultimate victors, the Denver Broncos. While I was excited to watch a good game, and even to watch Coldplay kill it at halftime, my favorite part of the Super Bowl is (and always has been) the commercials. Anyone with me on this?

For Super Bowl 50, companies spent $4-5 million dollars for a mere 30 seconds of air time. I don't know about you, but I was a little disappointed this year by the commercials throughout the four-hour program. In my mind, several ads just missed the mark, especially considering how much these businesses were paying for time on millions TVs. Even so, there were still a few redeemers that made me LOL.

Mountain Dew

I have absolutely no idea what a puppy-monkey-baby is, and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have nightmares after seeing it. But honestly? The song's been stuck in my head since the commercial aired. Props to Mountain Dew for being catchy.


Not gonna lie, this one also weirded me out a bit too. And it may also give me nightmares this next week. But it still made me laugh and was a hit among viewers nationwide.


I may not have seen the actual event that sparked such controversy back in December, but I would have to live under a rock to not catch Steve Harvey's reference to his Miss Universe flub. I always appreciate when someone can laugh at their own mistakes, and Steve definitely played his off like a champ.


This one was my suite mate's favorite and made my top two. Talking animals are always a win in my book, but it's even better if they can sing. Not even mad that they're better at singing than me either.

And my absolute favorite commercial of the evening...


Oh my gosh this video made me giggle uncontrollably for an embarrassing amount of time (just ask my suite mate, she caught it on Snapchat). I'm also currently accepting donations of dachshunds dressed like hot dogs. In case you tragically missed the best commercial of the night, you can watch the extra-long 60 second version here.

Shoutout to the strong few that made us all check Twitter to make sure everyone else thought they were hilarious too. You guys are the real MVPs of Super Bowl 50.

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