Super Bowl 52 Sucked

Super Bowl 52 Sucked


I know I'm gonna sound like a bitter Vikings fan, and I could go on and on how this should've been their Super Bowl victory. But the seasons over, can't do anything but worry about next year at this point. Or more so, free agency and who the hell is gonna be the starting quarterback.

When it was official that it would be an Eagles/Patriots Super Bowl, the general consensus was that people would like to see them both lose. Or people became Patriots fans for the day because if there was one thing the majority of the country could agree on, it's that the Eagles and their fan base were the least deserving of a victory.

So besides the fact that two of the most hated teams in the league were playing, and the most hated of the two won, this Super Bowl suuuuuuuuucked.

Let's start with the commercials. I wish I would've taken a shot every time a Tide commercial came on, being drunk might've made the end of the game a little less disappointing. And using a MLKJ speech to sell trucks? Who approved that? Given the idiotic "Tide Pod Challenge" and the current racial tension in this country, it seems like both of these advertisements were in poor taste. Literally the only good commercial the whole night was Eli Manning and the Giants dancing. Other than the 30 second of black screen, which I'm assuming was showing what'll happen to you if you eat a Tide pod? I've watched them dancing on Facebook and YouTube more times than I'd like to admit. You gotta love a guy who can make fun of himself and doesn't take life too seriously.

I know this technically happened before the game, but I've got a bone to pick with who decides the winner of the Man of the Year award. Don't get me wrong, JJ Watt raising millions of dollars for hurricane relief was nothing short of amazing and I imagine the people who benefited from it are thankful. But I mean, it doesn't seem to hard to record a few Instagram videos encouraging and thanking people who donate. In my opinion, it should've gone to one of the lesser known players who gives back all year round and doesn't post it all over social media. Just saying.

Ah, the halftime show. Now, I'm not a JT fan by any means, but I can respect when an artist gives a hell of a performance. This was not it. First of all, he missed an opportunity for NSYNC or Janet Jackson to make a surprise appearance, both of which probably would've been well received. Also, throwing shade by singing the song and then stopping at the point where he ripped of Janet's bra a million years ago, classless in my opinion. The Prince tribute? Sounds like something Prince would not have been ok with if he was still alive. Now, I have a hard time being upset with Justin here. He was playing in Prince's hometown and on what should've been Prince's stage. He was really damned if he did and damned if he didn't have some sort of nod to him. Was it the right one? Personally, I don't think so. Overall, his wardrobe was bad, the sound was bad, his entrance was forgettable at best. It was a pathetic attempt at a concert, let alone on one on the biggest stage there is. No stars for you Justin.

Really, the only part of the Super Bowl that was enjoyable was Pink and the National Anthem. Chick had the flu, spit her gum out on TV, got trolled for both and handled it like the boss ass bitch that she is. It's too bad she couldn't have been the halftime and JT did the anthem, now that would've been a show. It's also worth noting that I'm incredibly thankful it wasn't the nauseating duo of Buck/Aikman calling the Super Bowl and that we have the colorfully hilarious Romo calling next year.

Eagles fans, you suck. Eagles players, you suck. Skol Vikings, and here's hoping Super Bowl 53 is actually enjoyable.

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