Summer Netflix Recommendations You Didn't Ask For

Summer Netflix Recommendations You Didn't Ask For

In case you were looking for a new fix (because let's face it, you totally were).

Summer Netflix Recommendations You Didn't Ask For
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Class is out and binge-watching is in! Along with summer break comes all kinds of time—time for existential crises, time for making money and most importantly, time to catch up on all those TV shows left abandoned in lieu of mountains of assignments you procrastinated on earlier in the semester. If you’re anything like me, starting a new show is much easier than picking up where you’ve left off. Obsessions may come and go, but Netflix will always be there with a full arsenal of shows for whatever your mood or preference may be. Here are a few of my personal favorites to help get your summer binge-watching session started! What genre will you be feeling come 2 a.m.?


"From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series"

Based off of the cult classic starring none other than Quentin Tarantino, this bloody revamp is not for the faint of heart. Though the graphics and effects can be very over the top, it's that special kind of cheesy that's reminiscent of the very brand of campy cult flicks this series was born from. The plot itself is loosely based on Mayan mythology and snake vampires. You read that right: snake vampires. It's got crime bosses and the supernatural all rolled up in a sexy, bloody mess of a shootout; what more could you possibly need? Did I mention that Fez from "That 70's Show" makes an appearance as a particularly swarthy crime lord and ex-girlfriend Demi Lovato even makes a cameo! It is an obscene bloodbath and it is worth every ridiculous minute. Besides, who doesn't love serpentine strippers and an intricate plot?


"Bob's Burgers"

When I think Netflix, the very first thing that comes to mind is this show. The characters are unbelievably insane and yet they are arguably the most relatable to come out of an animated nighttime television series. Bob Belcher is living out his dreams of running his own burger shop, but it isn't always an easy task--especially when he's faced with an aspiring singer of a wife and three uniquely talented children causing havoc. The Belcher family is quirky but loyal and undeniably supportive of one another's endeavors, be it fighting off Bronies, plotting murder or writing a hit musical based upon "Die Hard." They may face some bumps along the way but their interesting take on problem solving only makes them even more realistic. Belchers from the womb to the tomb!


"The Following"

It is with great sadness that I say this show is complete at only three seasons after its cancellation, but sometimes cutting a show short is in everybody's best interests. The madness of the show spirals out of control in more ways than one, but this demented thriller has been peacefully been laid to rest with three action-packed seasons starring Kevin Bacon. Its first season concerns the followers of an infamous serial killer who uses Edgar Allan Poe as the inspiration for his crimes and the detective (as played by Bacon) who has sworn his life to ending his reign of terror. Again, lots of blood and murder, but this time it's in the form of a jaw-dropping series of mysteries and changes in alliances.

Feel Good/Family

"Baby Daddy"

I bet you never thought you would see Barbara Jean from "Reba" and Taj Mowry in the same show, did you? This charming series brings this pairing you probably never asked for to life in the five seasons that are already available on Netflix. Finding out you're a dad may not be a situation that we're all familiar with, but the show's stress on the importance of friendship and family is always applicable. If you aren't a big fan of kids you can still do yourself a favor and watch this one for the epic bromance and general atmosphere of love. Simply put, it's got the right amount of mush and humor to keep you entertained for hours!


"Good Eats"

The entire "Good Eats" collection is on Netflix, which means there are hours and hours of Alton Brown telling you facts about food that you probably didn't need or want to know in the first place. This man is probably one of the biggest dorks out there, right next to Bill Nye of course. He is absolutely passionate about food and honestly, it's hard not to get engrossed in hours of his rants. Who knows, maybe you'll even actually do something with this knowledge rather than recall it at entirely inappropriate times. When you win "Iron Chef America" just remember the little people, especially me for recommending Alton Brown always.



Shawn Spencer, a phony psychic, teams up with the Santa Barbara police department along with his best friend, Gus, to solve crimes and be generally ridiculous. This show is the lovechild of "dad jokes" and pop culture references; the jokes are horrible but in the very best way possible. The best part? No scheduling time for weekly episodes: this show is all finished! There are eight whole seasons of shenanigans and enough of a serious plot-line to make this absolutely worth the binge. PS: there's a musical episode that you definitely won't want to miss.

Period Drama

"The Borgias"

This is not the first television series to revolve around the infamous Borgia family--and with good reason! Historical dramas aren't exactly known for their accuracy, but they definitely make for a wild ride for those who can sit through them without constantly correcting the tv screen. Jeremy Irons (who you may recognize as the voice of Scar in Disney's "The Lion King") plays pope Rodrigo Borgia, whose deceitful and scandalous nature appears to be a family trait. The show follows Rodrigo, his mistress, ex- wife and three bastard children (it's complicated, really) as they take Europe by storm and kill a lot of people while wearing awesome clothing. Be warned, this was originally on Showtime and thus includes a lot of blood and graphic sexual content.

That should get you started for now; hopefully, you will have found at least one of these as interesting as I have! At the very least, remember to practice safe Netflixing, folks. Stay hydrated, stop slouching and keep that remote close because yes, you are still watching that show, thank you very much.

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