Summer Is Bittersweet For College Students
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12 Reasons Why Summertime For College Kids Is Bittersweet

Everyone loves summer, but for college kids, summertime is often the hardest time of the year.

college friends posing for photo
Caroline Parry

1. Reuniting with your high school friends reminds you of your innocence, which makes you feel old

2. You pretty much work all summer long, not much time for the fun and games you used to have

3. Parental authority is something you still have to fall under when you come home for summer

4. There is never enough time in the days to do what you want

5. August means most of your friends are going back to school and you are forced to return to reality again

6. Trying to maintain a sleep schedule is nearly impossible

7. Four months of summer sounds a lot longer than it actually is

8. Laying in bed watching Netflix is highly frowned upon

9. You most likely spend more time indoors than outside doing something you enjoy

10. Packing up your life in August to go back to school is never easy

11. Another summer means another year your dog is getting older

12. We are no longer the innocent little kids who went to camp from 8-3 and then came home to play outside and ride our bikes, we are the camp counselors who work 7-4 and come home to pass out in bed and sleep until we do it all again tomorrow

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