The struggles of a summer heatwave

Everyone loves summer, but sometimes the heat can be a little much to handle. Lucky for us, burns fade and we do eventually stop sweating. That doesn't mean that we won't have some salty (and sweaty) thoughts running through our head in the meantime, though.

1. Am I getting sunburnt?


Sometimes in the peak heat of summer, it's hard to tell whether it's your internal body temperature that's rising or if you're just beginning to experience second-degree burns on every inch of exposed skin. Better hope you have that SPF in tow!

2. I have never appreciated anything more than A/C right now.


When you realize some people don't have air conditioning, or if you are one of the unlucky ones yourself, it's funny how quickly you can appreciate places like your local Target for keeping things nice and cool.

3. Is that person really on a run right now?


Even if you enjoy running yourself, we all know that 95 degrees and 89% humidity do not make for ideal running conditions. Arguably this should be considered a form of self-torture.

4. Clearly I need at least six iced coffees.


The heat certainly doesn't mean that us coffee addicts have to suffer without. We just turn to the iced version of our life juice, and justify letting ourselves have more than we probably should by thinking that our coffee is now not only keeping us energized, but also hydrated and cool! Some may argue that water would be a better alternative, but true coffee addicts will go ahead and pour that 4th cup of cold brew at 3 p.m.

5. Will I ever stop sweating?


Perhaps everyone's biggest pet peeve about the heat. You make an attempt to actually enjoy the heat by getting outside, maybe hanging out near a lake or the ocean. But what do you get in return? A total volume of sweat that is probably comparable to that body of water you're sitting by.

6. I almost wish it was winter again. Almost.


When the summer heat is relentless and your shoulders won't stop peeling, sometimes you wish you could be walking around in your favorite flannel and wool mittens without breaking a sweat. But then you apply another layer of aloe and remember how thankful you are to not have to get pelted in the face with freezing rain anytime soon.

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