Summer Can't Come Soon Enough For The Girl Who's Homesick

As the end of the semester comes to a close, I can't help but picture what my life will be like when I'm not cramming in studying, homework, and a social life day in and day out. The sound of ocean waves instead of alarm clocks will soon be my reality in just a few weeks, making it hard to focus on finals and all of the last-minute packing I have to do. There are so many reasons why summer can't come soon enough, but I have narrowed them down to just a few.

Below are seven reasons why I'm bursting at the seams to travel the six hours home and leave Tallahassee behind.

1. I will be reunited with friends that went to different schools.

I made amazing friends in high school that impacted me in more ways than I can count, so watching them move to different cities and states was bittersweet. I was excited about their new lives but also sad that I would not be able to see them as much anymore. Summer will be a time where I will be reunited with the people who make me the happiest and who truly embody what it means to be best friends.

2. I will no longer have to walk five miles in the scorching heat to my classes.

I got very unlucky in that I was placed in a dorm that is located on the opposite side of campus where all of my classes and sorority so happen to be. I love walking, but when it's 100º and I'm carrying a heavy backpack, all I want to do is rip my clothes off and jump into a fountain. During summer, I will be reunited with my Jeep that will take me wherever I need to go, free of the back pain and the sweaty clothes.

Home-cooked meals will replace the bland and unhealthy food options in the dining halls. 

I have been blessed with a mom who knows how to cook. Her meals make me feel warm and loved every single day. I never knew how much I would miss them until I ate my first meal inside FSU's dining halls. Don't get me wrong, the food is much better than what I thought it would be, but it's still not something I would voluntarily eat every day. I can't wait until I can sit down at my kitchen table and actually enjoy the meals placed in front of me–free of guilt and disappointment.

I will have my own space once again.

If you know me, then you know I love my space; I love having the liberty of retreating to my bedroom, closing the door, and engulfing myself in my fluffy comforter. However, living in a dorm and having to share a cramped room with another person has truly made me appreciate having my own room and the freedom to do whatever I wanted inside of it.

I won't have to force myself to go clubbing with my friends anymore.

For some odd reason, my group of friends absolutely love going to the clubs around campus despite the fact that they're cramped, smelly, and overpriced. I often find myself having to come up with excuses every night as to why I can't join them for a night out, making me feel bad for lying to them and not wanting to go out. It will be nice not feeling the pressures I feel here at home, thus allowing me to focus more on my needs and wants rather than the needs and wants of others.

I can spend time with my family again.

I have been blessed with the most amazing family anyone could ever ask for. Going off to college was extremely hard since I would no longer be with my mom, dad, and sister–the three most important people in my life. Despite the fact that my older sister will most likely be interning in another state, I will still be able to have my parents and their love by my side.

I won't have to worry about the endless amount of assignments that seem to never go away.

This semester, I wound up having six classes that all seemed to be on the same schedule; all of their assignments, quizzes, and exams just so happened to fall on the same days, making it seem like there was always something to complete or study for. Even though I'm taking an online course over the summer, I will no longer be occupied with school starting from the minute I wake up to the minute I fall asleep.

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