5 Things That Makes Your Summer Feel Like A Vacation

5 Things That Makes Your Summer Feel Like A Vacation

Working can take over your life, but if you make time for yourself, maybe you'll have a summer vacation after all.

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Summer feels like it's right around the corner. For students, that often means working. The term "summer vacation" doesn't really feel like a vacation if you're working. If that's the case, how do you make the summer actually feel like you have a vacation?

It's important to get that relaxation to recover and prepare for the next school year. Even if you have a busy schedule, you have to make time for yourself. There are a few things you can do this summer, and although a lot of them are quite obvious, putting it into action makes summer more memorable. One thing to remember in all of this is to stay unplugged when you don't actually need technology.

  1. Bonfire. Make plans with friends or family on a night you don't work in the evening. Make some s' mores in the backyard, play some music, and prepare some amazing stories to tell. If you have the option, set up a projector and play a movie. This kind of connection and communication with others is very special and makes summer feel more relaxed than just work.
  2. Day on the beach. Take time to lay down in the sun and listen to your surroundings. Play sand volleyball with a group of friends. Build a sandcastle (because you're never too old for that)! Take a walk across the water. Do everything you can to take in the sun and nature surrounding you.
  3. Walk dogs. For all the dog lovers out there, if you have a dog or dogs, make sure you walk them! It will allow you to walk around an area and take in your surroundings while also giving your dog(s) a chance to explore. If you don't have any dogs, there is probably someone around that would love if you could do that for them!
  4. Camping. Camping doesn't always have to be far out in the woods. Spend time in a tent outside and plan a day and/or night of surviving outside with whatever you have.
  5. Stargazing. This is one of the best things to do on summer nights because the weather feels amazing, and the sky is clear. We all probably spend our nights inside or working, so we never actually look up at the sky once it's dark out. If you're somewhere with limited to no light around you, it'll be a perfect time to stargaze because the stars will appear much more abundant. It's a small yet beautiful thing we tend to look over far too often.
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