An Open Message to All The Girls who are 'OK'

An Open Message to All The Girls who are 'OK'

You're all special and you hold a value somewhere in this world. It's ok not to be ok.


There's this girl I know. She's really pretty and is the nicest person you would ever meet. She's always happy and smiles all the time. She dyes her hair almost twice a year despite the fact she gets chemical damage every time her curls come into contact with bleach. She's college -bound, Division One to be exact.

She wants to be a lawyer or probably on CNN arguing about how Republicans have ruined the country. She loves to eat and sleep. She loves trap music and ninety's R&B; with the occasional pop on the side. She seems to have her head on right and has goals set for herself.

Keyword: SEEMS.

This girl I know has been hurt. Hurt a little too many times by friends, family, and of course boys.

She's been going through it the for the past eight years. She has dealt with bullying, death, and abuse. She tried to go to her family for help but was always told "just get over it" or "you'll be fine" or "nothing is wrong with you". This led to her closing herself off when family would come around. She couldn't tell them how she was feeling because she was afraid of this response she would get.

In school, she seemed so happy. She may have cried when her boyfriend did something to her but she was always smiling and laughing. At home, she cried and deserted herself in her room. She has low self-esteem and low confidence. She often looks at herself and thinks how everything is her fault.

She wishes she could have a better life away from all the tears and pain. She often plotted to kill herself but couldn't because she had to live for her siblings. She had to show them that despite all the obstacles she faces she is better than her mother, her aunt, her grandmother, her stepmother, her father, and everybody else.

She is not OKAY. She may say she is but she is NOT.

Who is She?

Well, she is me. She is whoever is reading this. She is the person who is trying to grow but can't because she is not in the place where she wants to be in life.

To the reader; if you feel as though the world isn't on your side, it is. You just have to find the real you and live your best life. Work on being the better you and show everyone who has tore you down that you're the baddest jawn (or bull .. if you're a boy) out here.

Here's the National Suicide Prevention Line


As well as the National Domestic Violence Line


Please seek help if you feel the same way I do. Find a teacher, friend, therapist, ANYONE. There are people who care. You just have to search for them.

Much Love, Syanne.

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10 Things that Happen After You Drop Your Sorority

So much weight is lifted off your shoulders when you finally decide to follow your gut.


After two semesters of trying to force a puzzle piece that just didn't fit, I dropped my sorority. It was the best thing I ever did, and to the many (MANY) people I know contemplating doing the same thing... DO IT. Don't make yourself small and let them put you in a box you don't belong. Here's what you can look forward to when you drop:

1. Freedom to POST POST POST


Gone are the days when you have someone up your butt telling you to take this down or that down... I actually went through a time where I really disconnected from social media and it wasn't cleansing, it was in fear of being told I was wrong. That's not a way to live, trust me.

2. Making $$$ selling all your shit


Srat girls love to buy your used t-shirts and canvases. It's really a win-win situation. I want money and to get rid of everything related to the sorority, and THEY want to buy it! Money is always nice.

3. Fake texts


All the sudden, the people that never talked to you before will pop in and act like they were there all along. Fake apologies, fake 'let's hang out' texts, fake gasps.

4. Saving a RIDICULOUS amount of money


Just for upcoming recruitment, I would have had to spend at least 100$ buying their specific outfits. Nowhere in the real world requires you to wear white pants or specifically ripped jeans. Maybe try pantsuits? That's badass (and not done).

And don't even get me started on dues and the 'non-required' t-shirts.

5. Less notifications


I enjoy having no useless and dreaded notifications/texts. Straight up, I used to panic every time.

6. Time and more time


No more Sunday meetings, standards meetings, extra meetings, recruitment meetings, etc. Now you can actually work a normal schedule, and not have to constantly be hurrying to do XYZ because sorority thinks it is the only thing on the planet you are doing.

7. You aren't associated with them anymore


Their name doesn't follow you anywhere, now. Thank God because my success has no place for their mistakes. Gone are the days where guys think you're 'easy because they are' and a 'hard partier' or a 'slutty stoner.'

8. Real things can take up room on your resume


I joined a sorority to build connections and professional relationships, and that was the LAST thing on anybody's mind. So, take an internship. Or volunteer with people who actually like to volunteer.

9. There aren't constant competitions anymore


Everyone always trying to one-up each other gets tiring. I like to enjoy everyone's successes in their time, not constantly after competing though. So now I can actually enjoy my own successes without wondering who's going to try and outshine me next.



The drama was the worst part. I'm pretty dramatic, but I had NEVER experienced bullshit drama like sorority drama. It's also the most pointless, and usually because one person is guilty of doing something wrong and being called out for it.

Leaving the sorority improved my mental health, and was a weight lifted off of my shoulders. I never felt more alone being surrounded by over 40 women who didn't actually care.

Focus on making genuine connections with people in your classes (because you're more likely to have things in common) and people in the professional world. Focus on your grades, and living genuinely. But most of all, listen to your gut and do what is right for you. These experiences are solely my own.

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4 Essential resources For Suicide Prevention

What are the resources out there to help those that feel as if they cannot speak and be heard?


It is no great secret that suicide has become an epidemic in our country, especially in our military. However, that doesn't mean it doesn't affect the other 3 billion people in the world. So what is being done to help bring this to light and hopefully make people see there is another way?

1. Hotlines

There are hotlines that people can call when they are having suicidal thoughts. These hotlines are to educate those who call about a family/friend or for those in crisis who are thinking about the unimaginable.

These hotlines are supposed to create a safe environment for those in a tragic place to call and express themselves in any way they feel comfortable. The people who answer the phones are trained to make you feel safe and to listen to everything you have to say.

These hotlines can save so many lives. If you or someone you know is feeling hopeless than maybe try one of these hot lines.

2. Programs

There are many programs that you can find online about suicide prevention. These websites and programs talk about the warning signs, things to look for, what to do if you encounter someone who exhibits these signs, etc.

These programs are meant mainly for those who know someone who is going through all of the signs for suicide. I know that my friends visited these website programs to help me, and i think that their education helped save me.

3. Warning Signs

As discussed earlier, there are warning signs. Every therapist, online program, presentation, etc. go over the various warning signs that one can look out for to help others.

4. Internet

Last but not least, the internet. This can be the most powerful thing to either ending or saving a life.

Social media and cyber bullying are two of the top reasons why people commit suicide outside military personnel. But some social media can have their own support groups that can help let people know across the world that they are not alone. This can create a movement and a powerful influence in the world.

If you or someone you know is going through this, please share and let them know there are resources to help them, that they are not alone, and they are loved.

You are all worth being on this earth! Please help me keep as many people on this earth for as long as possible.


National Suicide Hotline: 1 (800) 273-8255 - available 24/7

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Suicide Prevention Day

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