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9 of The Best summer study spots At U Of Iowa

And their hours... you're welcome.

9 of The Best summer study spots At U Of Iowa

After living on campus all school year, college life in the summer has been… an adjustment. I was pretty comfortable grabbing a coffee from the C store at 11 in the morning, going to the library at any ungodly hour to study, and even heading down to the Burge lounge at 2 am to cram.

Life out-of-session and off-campus is completely different, and I'm learning that the hard way. I went to three different campus buildings in 99 degree heat in search of a quiet place to study, only to find all of them closed. I eventually gave up and went back to my apartment, sweaty and dejected. To save you all from my fate, I've compiled a list of favorite summer study spots complete with their hours.

1. Starbucks

5 AM to 11 PM.

Starbucks is good if you get there either very early or very late, when business is slow. Otherwise, all the noise is distracting. I recommend showing up between 5 and 8 AM or 8 PM or later. This is when Starbucks is least busy, and you'll get the most work done. Secure a table with an outlet, sip a Frappuccino, and get going!

2. High Ground Café

7 AM to 11 PM.

This place is spacious, with lots of natural light, but outlets are sparse and so are options for cold coffee. Still, relaxing in the air conditioning for a while helps work up an appetite for one of their hot lattes. I like coming here for lunch (their sandwiches are amazing), getting a window seat, and writing for a couple hours.

3. Java House

6 AM to 10 PM.

This shop is cozy, has plenty of selection for drinks, and is connected to a wonderful spot for lunch! You'll want to get here a little early to secure a table, though. If you're like my boyfriend, and white noise helps you concentrate, sit on the bustling Java House side. If you're like me, and get distracted by other people's conversations, grab your macchiato and retreat to a seat on the Heirloom Salad Company side, where less people stick around

4. Nodo

Monday- Thursday 9AM- 9PM

Friday- Saturday 9 AM- 10 PM

Sunday 10 AM- 8 PM

Nodo is the perfect summer study spot for those who thrive in the quiet. Most customers order to go or sit at the nearest table they can find. If you're there to study, order a sandwich, and promptly retreat up the stairs. This area is tastefully decorated, and just comfortable enough to put you at ease, but not to sleep. The best part is that it's never crowded up there. I love reading while I munch on a grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich.

5. Voxman Music Building

Monday- Friday 7AM-8PM

Saturday- Sunday Noon-8PM

Voxman is a gorgeous building with very modern architecture and no distractions. You'll occasionally hear someone practicing their music down the hall, which can be a soothing backdrop to a stressful task. If you walk in the main entrance and turn right down the stairs, you'll find an open and convenient study commons where you can work for hours.

6. Iowa City Public Library

Monday- Thursday 10 AM- 9 PM

Friday 10 AM- 8 PM

Saturday 10 AM- 6 PM

Sunday Noon- 5 PM

Right in the heart of the ped mall, the Public Library is perfectly situated for everyone to access. That does tend to mean it gets busy, but it's busy with people gettin' shit done. I love grabbing a coffee somewhere downtown, and then finding myself a seat by a window where I can work. The hours may seem a little constricting at times, but when I know the library is closing in an hour, that motivates me to use my time wisely. If you're like that, the library is perfect for you

7. A hammock

Any time there's sunshine!

If you have one, a hammock can be a great place to do some light studying. The action of finding a spot and setting the hammock up can help put you in a new headspace. It wakes up your brain, priming it for action. Plus, this is the best time to enjoy nice weather- provided it's not over 90.

8. Lindquist Teacher Leader Center

Monday- Thursday 8 AM- 5 PM

Friday- Sunday Closed

The TLC looks like it was airlifted from Google HQ. This is by far my favorite study spot in Iowa City. The hours are a little unfortunate, but I am always productive when I work here. They have scanners, a printer, a smart table (what???), and a bunch of cute collaboration areas. If you're around, you have to see this place for yourself.

9. Your place!

Literally whenever

Summer in Iowa City has taught me how to study in my apartment. Sometimes, it's 2 am and I know there's nowhere to go, but I have to get focused somehow. To study at home, set up anywhere but your bed. Preferably, don't even study in your bedroom. Open some windows, drink something refreshing like water, or anything lemon-flavored, sit up straight, and work.

And always, have a great summer!

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