If you’re a student in the quarter system, you are probably experiencing this right now. If you’re a student in the semester system you just went through this cycle. I’m talking about that desperate scramble to find a nice quiet spot in the library, or the cafe or anywhere with a charging station, comfy seats and a vending machine or food source nearby where we can spend our days scrambling to figure out why we didn’t open our textbooks before this.

This stressful race to find the optimal seating is only enhanced by the slow but steady ticking of time as we march towards finals week.

“Why did I not do this before?”
“Everything makes sense now… huh, I guess studying does help”
“Why am I doing this? What’s the point?”
“Should I sleep, watch TV or study?”

Are questions asked at least three times a day. This is also the time where we dream about what summer has in store for us.

While we are in this endless hell loop, let’s talk about finding a decent seat with the four main criteria.

1. Quiet spot

Finding a quiet spot is hard, cause you might not want an utterly dead silence nor do you want 10 people talking about how their weekend was or what they are doing near you.

2. Charging station

You know for a fact you need a charging station near you because you’re not going to just sit there for a few hours… You’re going to live there! (Okay maybe a tad dramatic, but you get the point)

3. Comfy chair

Something that is cushioned, has armrests and can be converted to a temporary bed is the holy grail of all chairs that everyone covets, especially when it ticks off the first two requirements.

4. Food

Finally, we come to proximity to vending machines or food sources, which is pretty self-explanatory.

Now, how to find a spot like this? I honestly don’t know. If you’ve figured it out let me know because I’m writing this article as I try to discover a seat like this… I bid you all happy huntings for a good spot to study and not procrastinate, as I try to do the same.