Studying Abroad
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Studying Abroad

Every title I could think of is cheesy because I'm so sentimental about those five months.

Studying Abroad
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I spent a semester abroad in Northern Ireland during the spring of sophomore year of college. I struggle to put this experience into words; it was a rewarding, life-changing, surreal adventure. I was able to spend three weeks traveling throughout Europe over the Easter holidays. I spent St. Patrick's day in Dublin, had a romance with a French boy, and made friends from all over the globe. I feel like I opened up and became a more adventurous person as a result of studying abroad. There are countless moments and memories I could describe from my time in Europe, but I'll let this poem speak for me instead.

You remember it in

late night take-away

after your third night out.

It's hearing foreign tongues

in your ears, feeling them

in your mouth.

Getting your passport


in the most enjoyable way.

It's an underground bar

in Prague,

a game of flip-cup,

15 people from 10 countries

like a drunken United Nations.

It's liters of beer,

pots of tea.


and translation guides.


and train stations.

Monopoly money

and overpacked suitcases.

It's standing on the grounds

of revolution,



It's all the nights you don't remember.

It's the best time of your life.

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