Ahhh high school. Even though it was only a year ago, it feels like a lifetime. One year ago, I was stressing over prom and graduation. I couldn't wait to get done with all of my high school BS and move on to college life. The struggle to go to school every day was getting more and more difficult. Fast forward a year, I am towards the end of the third semester of my freshman year in college and I cannot wait to be done. I thought senioritis was bad, but boy, is being a college student in spring semester worse.

First of all, since starting college, my patience has thinned to almost nothing. It baffles me that I used to sit in school for 8 hours a day let alone 50 minutes in a lecture hall. I guess high school didn't seem too long to me at the time because I had been doing those hours for twelve years. However, when I got to college and was done with class by 10 am, the game was forever changed. I am not one who likes to miss class because I feel guilty but recently, it hasn't been easy to listen to American History while the sun is shining right outside.

Spring break was really when it got bad. Having a week off to be lazy and just spend every second at the beach was a major tease. I was able to bask in the glory of having no assignments due, not even checking Canvas once. By the time Sunday came around and it was time to return, I was having major vacation hangover and suddenly I was craving summer. I am over sitting in classrooms listening to lectures trying to keep my eyes open, I need to be on a hammock sipping something sweet watching the sunset.

I really can't complain because seniors in highschool do have an extra month of school that college students don't have to deal with. We are in the final stretch, the last month. As long as I push through finals week, I will be at a peace of mind, ready to enjoy summer. I think senioritis is easier to deal with than spring semester because after senior year you look forward to summer away from home at college. Summer B was the time of my life and it made all of the senioritis worth it. On the contrary, for college students, we know we will be back next year which makes us more anxious to leave.

All the spring fun in the beginning of the semester has ended, spring break has faded, and now its time for summer. Seniors, don't take senioritis too serious because the best is yet to come and you'll experience the real need for school to end when you get to your spring semester. Take it in, enjoy it all, the fun has just begun.