A Student's Review Of Penn State's Rather Ridiculous Student Football Ticket Sales
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A Student's Review Of Penn State's Rather Ridiculous Student Football Ticket Sales

Tickets should be guaranteed to every student at the Pennsylvania State University.

A Student's Review Of Penn State's Rather Ridiculous Student Football Ticket Sales

As a person who has lived in State College for over sixteen years — and as a sophomore at Penn State — I have learned quite a bit about season football tickets for Penn State students. To briefly summarize, there are a few major points you should know about this ticket sale process. Only a specific amount of seats are allotted for each year level at Penn State; more importantly, this number is nowhere near the number of students at University Park in that particular year. Ticket sales occur during one week of the summer on specified dates: one for graduate students, fifth year students, fourth year students, third year students, second year students, and first year students. Additionally, on the sale date, tickets are sold from seven in the morning to two in the afternoon. However, when tickets sell out, they close the window early. Even more noteworthy, tickets can be sold out in less than fifteen minutes, meaning students must buy their ticket at the very beginning of this window.

Personally, I believe that season football student tickets should be reserved for ALL Penn State students, especially those at University Park, which is where Beaver Stadium is located. As students, we already represent the university and pay a large tuition fee each semester. Why shouldn't students be guaranteed a seat to watch their own football team play at their stadium?

Imagine waking up early to buy a student ticket only to have the WiFi disconnect, losing your chance to even try for student tickets for the fall football season. Imagine going into your fifth year at the university, studying engineering and maintaining a decent grade point average only to discover that you are not allowed to have fun and attend a football game during your last year at Penn State. Imagine you are traveling on vacation, in an airplane on the only day you can purchase a student ticket, so you are unable to access a device to buy football tickets. Wouldn't you be disappointed, especially if it was something you had looked forward to for years? I certainly know I would be.

Dear Penn State, I urge you to find a way to guarantee tickets for every student.

Sincerely, a Pennsylvania State University student.

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