To the person dealing with anxiety,

You know that the relationship between you and your anxiety is like friends with benefits. You guys don't love each other but it still messes with you once in a while. I should have known that when I was talking to you, I was actually signing up for a threesome. It's like every time you'll have to ask her before you can chat with me; Every time you'll have to fight with her before you can fight with me. I even remember that you didn't talk to me first because she doesn't like it when you're with someone else. But let me tell you one thing, she's possessive and irrational.

She's the reason why you sometimes take a long way home, so you don't have to see any familiar faces. She's the reason why you don't correct people at the restaurants when they mess up your order. She's also the reason why you need constant reassurance from your friends that they don't hate you.

I'm not saying that it is your fault. I'm not even saying that you should find a way out of it. All I'm trying to make you realize is that behind all these, there is a person who used to believe in magic. It's your anxiety, your brain, that makes you think that you are not worth it. And you are not going to let a gross, slimy, mound of wrinkly pink meat let you feel like you aren't enough. Don't listen to that jerk 'coz there are people out there who believe in you.

I believe in you.