Advice on staying healthy in college

A Letter Of Advice, From The Struggling College Freshman Who Is Trying To Stay Healthy

Staying healthy is ideal, but in reality not entirely attainable.


Dear future college freshman,

While the idea of keeping a healthy lifestyle throughout your future college years is the most ideal concept and may sound like a walk in the park right now, it is much harder than you think. Yes, the gym is just a hop and a skip down the road from your dorm. Yes, you have complete control over what you eat every day. Sounds like the perfect recipe for the perfect college lifestyle but you forgot one important thing - your lack of time. College is going to be so stressful if you don't give yourself a reality check before it is too late so let me help you figure out how to balance your life and understand that it is so much harder than you think.

While the gym might be right next to your dorm, let me remind you that time is never on your side in college. You are thrown so may exam dates and assignment deadlines that you are too busy trying to figure out your classes that you forget to tie in your hour for the gym. I want to let you know that this is perfectly okay. You don't need to go to the gym every other day and still study all the time because when will you have time to be a college freshman and have the experiences you came to college for.

Let me tell you something, you will have plenty of time in your next years at college to be active and healthy, enjoy your freshman year and spend time with your new friends as much as you can. I am not saying don't go to the gym but don't make it the highest priority and forget to go out sometimes and be with friends. One thing I have learned is that going to the gym with your friends once or twice a week is the perfect balance because you get to socialize and be with your new friends while also getting in a little workout at the same time just to keep your body in check.

The next advice I am going to give you is the MOST important,

Freshman fifteen is SO REAL.

Do not forget this and think that it is not real. Those dining halls might sound like an awesome place to eat for the first week or two of college but it gets old eating burgers and pizza all the time. Learn how to balance your eating. While yes this is extremely harder than it sounds, it is very important. Eating healthy in college is by far the biggest struggle because universities do not accommodate for a healthy lifestyle. Don't only eat at the salad bar just to attempt to eat healthily but make sure to add healthy choices to main meals. Instead of having fries with your burger get some fruit or a side salad. Sometimes eating healthy is not even an option because you may get done with studying for an exam after all the dining halls close and may only have that packet of ramen in your room to eat.

EAT THE RAMEN and just be happy.

Eating ramen won't kill you just don't make it an every night occasion.

While staying healthy and active in college is so much harder than you can possibly imagine, don't let the idea of being fit control your experiences in college. You will have time to use that expensive gym that you're paying so much money for, I promise. Just when it comes down to going out to the movies with friends or going to the gym because its leg day, ALWAYS go to the movies because which one will you remember more in the long run?

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31. Goodwill - 20% off on Tuesdays with college ID

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But college is also expensive AF.

The cool thing about that is everyone knows that, and everyone — businesses included — knows college kids can't afford to spend *too* much money that they do NOT have. So you know that student ID you have?

It gets you college student discounts. Lots of them.


1. AMC Theaters

Discounted tickets on Thursdays

2. Apple Music

50% off.

3. Cinemark

Discounted tickets.

4. Regal Cinemas

Exclusive deals!

5. Spotify

Spotify Premium for $4.99/month!

6. New York Mets

$10 tickets with college ID.


8. Apple

Free pair of Beats with Mac purchase!

9. Best Buy

Exclusive deals!

Exclusive deals

10. FedEx

20-30% off shipping!

11. Microsoft

Multiple discounts!

12. Sprint

Multiple discounts!

13. Verizon

Exclusive deals!


14. Allstate

20% off.

15. Geico

15% off.

16. Nationwide

Exclusive deals!

17. State Farm

25% off!


18. Amtrak

10% off and bonus points!

19. Chevrolet

Preferred pricing

20. Choice Hotels

15% off!

21. Greyhound

20-40% off!

22. Jiffy Lube

$10 or 10% off with college ID!


23. Barnes & Noble

Multiple discounts!

24. Inkjet Willy

10% off with coupon!

25. Wall Street Journal

$1/week for 15 weeks!


26. Aerie

10% off!

27. Billabong

10% off!

28. Champ Sports

10% off $50 purchase!

29. Charlotte Russe

10% off total purchase!

30. Forever 21

10% off full-price online purchase!

31. Goodwill

20% off on Tuesdays with college ID!

32. JCrew

15% off with college ID!

33. Kate Spade

15% off with college ID!

34. ModCloth

10% off!

35. Toms

Free shipping!

36. Topshop

10% off!

37. Urban Outfitters

10% off with college ID

38. Vinyard Vines

15% off with college ID!


39. Arby's

10% off!

40. bd's Mongolian Grill

Student Night - $9.99 bowl of stir fry!

41. Buffalo Wild Wings

10% off!

42. Burger King

10% off!

43. Chik-fil-A

Free drink with a meal!

44. Chipotle

Free drink with a meal!

45. Dairy Queen

Student Meal Deal!

46. Dunkin Donuts

10% off!

47. McDonald's

10% off!

48. Subway

10% off!

49. Taco Bell

10% off!

50. Waffle House



20% off!

52. Sam's Club

Discounts vary by location!

Cover Image Credit: ASMR Darling//YouTube

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If You Take Fitness Advice From Instagram, You're Probably Doing It Wrong

Living a healthy lifestyle really isn't that complicated.


I lost 90 pounds during my freshman year of high school. Over the years, I've gotten many questions about how I accomplished such a feat and what my secret is. The truth is, I did what any doctor would tell you to do when you ask for weight loss advice. I ate healthy foods, I counted my caloric intake and I worked out regularly doing exercise that I enjoyed.

This seems so simple, but in today's complex society of Instagram fitness gurus and "experts" telling you that the secret to weight loss is wrapping your stomach in a wrap, it's difficult to know who is genuinely trying to give you good advice and who just wants to sell you something. I've fallen prey to these people too, so I know how difficult it is to decipher between sound advice and a sales pitch.

So as you embark on your health and fitness journey, remember that the end goal of any workout regimen or diet plan is to be healthy and increase the longevity of your life. It's about seeing your grandchildren graduate high school and go on to succeed in life while swinging on a porch with your husband or wife of 50 years, all because you took care of yourself instead of eating fast food and drinking every weekend of your 20s. It isn't to have slimmer thighs or a bigger butt, though those are nice benefits. What these people won't tell you is that if you simply eat healthy, exercise regularly and take overall better care of your body, you will see results without having to buy some stupid weight loss tea or crazy diet plan.

Believe me, the journey to being a better and healthier you is worth the consistent effort and work it will take to get there.

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