13 Struggles Of Being A Tall Girl

13 Struggles Every Tall Girl Has No Shortage Of Experience With

It's both blessing and a curse.


I come from a family of really tall men and women. My dad and brother are over six foot and both me and my sister are close. Now that I am older and have stopped growing it isn't such a big deal...but when I was younger I felt like I always stuck out. Being tall also taught me a thing or two, whether it be a pro or con.

1. Constantly having people ask you if you play sports/played sports in high school

All of the athletic genes somehow went to my brother and sister and skipped me entirely. Believe me, I tried to play sports but found it too stressful or that I was physically incapable of doing the sport (which is okay). I cheered in high school and my height came in handy and allowed me to be a great backspot.

2. Always being in the back of pictures, making it look like you're a floating head

I've never been in the front of pictures (like ever in my life). Depending on the way that the picture is taken, sometimes the bodies of the people in front of me completely cover the rest of my body, causing me to look like just a head in the back of the group.

3. Dresses, and jeans were always special ordered or hemmed (and don't even get me started on PJ pants)

When I was in the middle of growing, I had to order my jeans in extra long. Now that I am done growing its not much a problem, but nothing is more aggravating than not being able to just buy the jeans in the store and wearing them the next day and instead of having to wait a few weeks after. When I bought dresses, my mom had to carefully wash them so they wouldn't shrink and become unwearable.

It may just be the way that my body is built, but I have never been able to find pajama pants that actually fit me. When I did find the right length, they were too big around the waist and vice versa.

4. Not being able to find a guy who's taller than you (yes, this is a thing and it matters)

I come from a super small school, so any guy that was taller than me was either like a brother to me or already in a relationship. I remember going to college and seeing a guy that was over six foot and that I immediately wanted to talk to him. As silly as that sounds, it became a real stint in my relationships. If a guy was shorter than me, I only focused on that single personality trait instead of something else.

5. Feeling like you never have enough leg room 

Like I said before, everybody except my mom in my family is close to six foot. It is so irritating when we're all sitting down for dinner and someone is stretching out their legs underneath the entire table. And depending on the car, sometimes a backseat is a tall person's nightmare.

6. Doing that awkward squat when taking pictures with people shorter than you

Do I stand up and make that person look super short?

Or do I squat and have horrible posture?

I may never figure it out.

7. Having people ask you if you can get things off of the top shelf

I got asked this one time by a complete stranger when I was in the grocery store and I didn't really know how to take it.

8. Having a long torso or long legs or, if you're lucky, both

While I have both, my brother and sister have long legs. When I am standing next to my brother, his hip is at my stomach. Having both can be a little tricky when it comes to finding shirts and high waisted shorts. I've had to buy extra-large crop tops because any other size would be obscenely short on me.

9. How awkward it is to hear someone say "wow girl, you're SO tall"

It's like they don't realize that I look in the mirror every day and somehow not notice the most noticeable thing about me. What am I supposed to say to that? Thanks? Or I know?

I may never know.

10. Falling asleep on a couch and taking up the entire couch with your body

Or when you're sleeping on a love seat and half of your body hangs out...that's just the best.

12. Getting in the driver's seat of someone else's care and immediately adjusting the seat 

Whenever my dad would drive my car, I would get in the driver's seat and not even be able to touch the wheel, because it was so far back for me.

13. Never being able to cross your legs after middle school

Ok well maybe I can, but everyone else in my family can't cross their legs for more than a minute. My family is also extremely inflexible, making it impossible for me to do a cartwheel or even a summersault.

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18 Times Kate Middleton Was Actually All Of Us In College, Beside The Princess Thing

Every girl has to go through her clueless college stage before she reaches Duchess status.

Kate Middleton is basically a household name by now, and how could this not be the case when she has the gorgeous hair, kind smile, and incredible fashion sense. With her constantly in the spotlight looking so put together, we sometimes forget that the Duchess was actually all of us in college!

Here are 18 times that Kate proved she was just like all of us.

1. Going all out in the name of school spirit

There is nothing like breaking out the war paint and screaming for your home team. Like Kate, we all love to get a little messy and make some memories with our friends.

2. Hanging out with the roomies

Some people may not get lucky in this area but for those who are best friends with their roommates, they understand the love. It's a dream come true for everyone who has always wanted to live with their best friends. It's like a sleepover that never ends.

3. Dressing up cute on the first day of school...

You got to make a good first impression on your way to school. Whether it's during your 7 A.M or 4 P.M., it's always best to dress to impress.

4. ...and wearing yoga pants for the rest of the year

And this goes all the way until the last week of school when you don't bother getting out of bed to wear pants at all.

5. Going grocery shopping and throwing in cookies, ice-cream, and every type of Pringles because your mom isn't there to say no

You'll probably regret that in a few months when the Freshman Fifteen kicks in.

6. Walking for miles from your car to your dorm carrying groceries

We can't park by the apartment for a solid five minutes to carry our groceries up to the kitchen or we will risk a ticket, but we can walk a few miles carrying food that gets heavier, and heavier, and heavier with every step.

7. Going out for a night on the town on a Friday night

Dancing, laughter, and fun? Everyone in college has been to a party or two. It's a classic part of the college experience. Sometimes you just need a distraction from all the essays and tests.

8. Being so late to class you threw on whatever your hands grabbed next

We've all been there. Our alarm doesn't go off, we press snooze a few too many times, or forget to even set an alarm and next thing you know we are running around the dorm room like Taz from Looney Toons. You throw on whatever, then run to class.

Unfortunately 9/10 times our outfits don't turn out. Although, Kate can certainly pull off this look, no matter how mismatched.

9. Pretending your walking to the same building as the cute boy you met so you have the excuse to keep talking to him

I am very guilty of doing this. Although I missed my class, at least I got to talk to the really cute boy who has class at 9:45 in the STEM building. It was worth it.

10. Sitting on the floor or standing because you're a poor college student who can't afford chairs or tables

Eating on the floor? Always. Being a college kid is tough and sometimes you have to sacrifice some things to obtain the others. Such as choosing chocolate milk and Halo Top over vegetables and hair conditioner.

Judging by Kate's beautiful locks, she chose the conditioner.

Probably the vegetables too.

We should just all follow her example.

11. Going on cute date with the boy you followed to class-turned-boyfriend

Now my short-lived romance may not have extended farther than us talking and walking to his class, but Kate and William obviously had a better ending. Nevertheless, college is the place to grow and date and possibly find the one.

12. Keeping your hair long and growing because you can't afford to get it cut

Don't trust your roommate. No matter how many times she begs you to let her cut it. Don't.

13. Turning 21 and getting dressed up and going out with your best friends

While this one probably doesn't apply to Kate, since you can drink at age 18 in most countries, all my people in the United States know the sweet freedom of turning 21. It's an iconic time in a students life and marks a huge milestone as well.

14. Passing out flyers for some type of movement or protest

Everyone wants to be a part of something bigger - which is why college is the time to stand up for what you believe in. May that be RedforEd, Planned Parenthood, anti-Abortion, Trump, the Wall, pizza bagels, it's all an exercise of the first amendment.

15. Ranting to your friends about the professor that just "doesn't understand you"

You know your thinking about that professor right now as you read this. And you know that that's your reaction whenever they give you a bad grade or say something you disagree with at the tiniest degree.

16. Getting glammed-up for those senior photos

Pick out your best outfit and make sure it's a good hair day because everyone will be viewing these photos forever... and in Kate's place that is more than true. Luckily she looks as gorgeous as ever. Does she ever have a bad hair day?

17. Walking out of your last class knowing you'll never have to write a single paper again

And purposefully not thinking about how you will be going into the real world in less than a few days.

18. When you've graduated and realized you have no idea what you're going to do with your life

Maybe a prince will be right around the corner to sweep you off your feet so you won't have to figure your life out.
Cover Image Credit: Laura Warshauer

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'Black Mirror' Has Its First Mediocre Season With Season 5

It was three episodes of re-hashed material.


In December Netflix surprised viewers with its release of the first ever interactive episode "Bandersnatch" from the popular series "Black Mirror".

"Bandersnatch" quite literally crossed boundaries with its episode, as the message was relatively thought-provoking and a choose-your-own-adventure television show had not been something that was ever offered before. It was a fun experiment and showed that "Black Mirror" is a constantly evolving program that is willing to take risks with its story-telling.

However, with the release of season five (if you can even call it that with its three episodes) we can see that "Black Mirror" has grossly back-pedaled.

Warning: Season Five Spoilers Ahead.

The first episode "Striking Vipers" stars Anthony Mackie who plays a character that is in an unfulfilling, both romantically and sexually, marriage. After years of not seeing each other, Mackie's friend, played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, shows up and gives Mackie's character a virtual reality fighting game for his birthday. The two are able to play together online by choosing their character, and then becoming that character in the game, and using their thoughts to control it.

And it goes probably how you would expect it to when Abdul-Mateen's character chooses a female character and Mackie chooses a male: the two have sex. Multiple times.

To be fair, this would have been a great plotline, if executed correctly. Two men who use a virtual reality game to explore their own desires/love and sexuality but by using technology to still navigate that heteronormativity that they desperately want to cling on to for normalcy sake would have been extremely compelling. However, the episode ends with the pair finding out that they are not attracted to each other outside of the video game realm, as exemplified through them meeting up to kiss and deciding they didn't like it. Despite this, they continue to meet up in the video game at designated times throughout the year where Mackie's wife, played by Nicole Beharie, gets to go out and have affairs on her own as well.

Obviously, the ending isn't too pleasing for a variety of viewers simply because the two male characters end up deciding they only desire the other in a heteronormative way and the entire episode revolved around cheating, which can be damaging and contributing to pre-existing gay and bi stereotypes. Additionally, the only other episode to feature an LGBTQ+ relationship also included the use of virtual reality technology in season three's "San Junipero", which can imply that these relationships have no 'real' and physical intimacy (which is an obviously damaging trope to be continually having).

The second episode is titled "Smithereens" and seems more like an episode of "Criminal Minds" than "Black Mirror". Was it thought-provoking? No. Did it seem like a re-hash of an episode you've seen from any given television series at least once? Yes.

"Smithereens" is centered on a character played by Andrew Scott who works for a taxi app. He's slowly slipping from sanity, and eventually loses it and kidnaps his customer (Damson Idris) at gunpoint. Idris's character, however, is an intern for a social media company and Scott's one demand is to speak to the CEO of that company (Topher Grace) or else he will kill him.

The episode is long and drawn out, and plays out just how you think it would: Scott's character is guilt-ridden after using the social media app while driving, getting in an accident, and thereby killing his fiancé. Although the message of this episode is clearly referring to contemporary culture being obsessed with apps and social media to the point where it's difficult to even put it down for a minute and focus on something like driving a vehicle and ultimately having to pay the price for that, it's something that's been done before by other networks.

Yes, it's a commentary on modern culture. But it's something that we've seen over and over and over again, and "Black Mirror" did not bother to change the narrative in the slightest.

Lastly, there was the anticipated Miley Cyrus episode "Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too". The episode follows a lonely teenager (Angourie Rice) who is a die-hard fan of the pop-music star Ashley O (Miley Cyrus). When a new A.I. doll made to look like Ashley O comes out, eloquently names Ashley Too, Rice's character immediately purchases it and finds a new friend in the doll.

However, it turns out Ashley O is on a downward spiral in her music career and wants to change her music style and appearance (which may be a nod to what actually happened with Cyrus' career). After a fight with her manager, who also happens to be her aunt, she's placed into a chemically-induced coma so that her aunt is able to control her career, gaining complete access to her brain to make the A.I. doll, and using her unconscious mind to produce music that will sell without ever having to deal with her physically.

In an event that still isn't totally clear and doesn't make too much sense in the grand scheme of things, Rice's character and her sister are able to figure out how to get the A.I. doll to unlock the entirety of Ashley O's conscious and the three of them are able to put a stop to the aunt's evil ways.

Was it a bad episode? Not really, but it definitely seemed like a movie that Disney Channel would have made and "Black Mirror" has done this type of narrative before with "Black Museum" in season four. It's nothing we haven't seen before.

Was this all around a bad and unwatchable season? Not necessarily, but it did seem like a quick effort to put something out there after the release of "Bandersnatch". The writing was not as compelling as it normally is, and each episode seemed like a re-hash of a prior one. Right now it seems like the show is running out of ideas on what to say about modern culture, and hopefully, some better and brighter ideas are able to surface for season six.

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