There's always that one unfortunate soul who actually has to "adult" in college instead of fully enjoying the four years that everyone says "is the best years of your life." Instead of permanently ruining their liver (don't act like you didn't at least try), they are waking up early for work while still maintaining their GPA. These poor unfortunate souls go through more struggles than the average college student, creating a furrow between those who don't have to adult.

1. Bills have to be paid

A large majority of college students don't have to put themselves through college and don't understand the concept of monthly bills, on top of those awful "oopsies" that seem to drain your bank account on the regular. Going to the Local MedPost can be super expensive!

2. Working and school seems impossible

School should be considered a full-time job as it is, and if you add work on top of taking at least 12 credit hours, it is just a nightmare waiting to happen. Then there are those older adults who say "I did the same exact thing." Awesome if you did, but I just want to take a nap right now.

3. Working and social life is impossible

Trying to maintain a decent GPA will take up any social time needed for friends and significant others. A lot of adult-ing students know friends will be lost in this process. I am not ignoring you, I am just working/studying/napping and forgot to call you back. If I get back to you in two days, that is a miracle itself.

4. Working and doing anything is nixed

And then comes the fight with your parents that you are distant. Dear parents, please refer to point number three.

5. Going to bed early because you are exhausted

There's a movie at 9:00 p.m.? That is way past my bed time.

6. Hearing your friends having fun is awful

Then there is the struggle of seeing all those Snapchats of your friends having fun when you wake up in the morning for work. Or even worse, they don't invite you at all. Thanks, guys.

7. No one understands you have to plan events 2 weeks in advance so you can ask off

For most jobs, schedules are made a week or two in advance, so going to an impromptu party just isn't happening. Don't people use agendas or schedules anymore?

8. "I'm broke" doesn't mean I'm broke

Having to adult has taught me how to save a lot of money. But no, I don't have any money for that self-balancing-scooter-I-will-only-use-a-few-times-until-it-isn't-cool-anymore toy.

9. Nap time is priority

I am always sleepy. If I happen to fall asleep in your company, consider it a compliment.

We all have that one friend who has to actually "adult" as a young adult. If you don't know one, it means you are probably that friend. For those who are friends with those who adult, please do not give up on them. Adult-ing students are people who are just trying to make a better living while going to school. My dear adult-ing students, you can do this. Just don't forget to take your nap and to try to text your friend back.