Women's empowerment can include many different things. When you think of women's empowerment, you may think of gender equality, choice, The Women's Movement, self-love, or providing guidance for the women of tomorrow.

Women are very hard on themselves because of the expectations they are striving to live up to. We are always trying to prove ourselves and our worth to the world.

Do we ever take a step back and ask ourselves "Why?"

Equality is about giving women the equal right to make their own choices without judgment. Each and every person has a different outlook on women's empowerment, but the final message is to unite.

Having a voice without consequences is something that is not allowed everywhere. Young girls being able to get an education and become leaders is due to women uniting as one.

Self-love is the prioritizing of themselves and their needs to live life in their own way. Social norms, rules, and other people's expectations do not need to run their lives.

Providing guidance to young girls before they hit the adult stages in life can help make a brighter future for them. At any age, women are jealous of other women. It is bound to occur at any stage of life because of the pressure we put on them.

Women are raised to grow up in environments where they are taught to be polite, demure, and compliant. With empowerment, we push young girls and women to stand their ground and be strong as well.

I would like to discuss our everyday occurrences with many different females in this world. As women, our instinct is to prove to the world that we are the typical "perfect, strong woman." However, that is not always true.

When women hurt other women, we are declining as a whole.

We need to not trash talk the girl who is cheating on her husband. Instead, we need to open our ears and listen to her, maybe that is all she needs. We do not need to call another women ugly based on her outfit. We need to accept her for who she is.

ALL of us women experience pain, heartbreak, and weakness.

ALL of us women experience that time of the month.

ALL of us women look in the mirror and see different things.

Although there are similarities, there are differences too. But, what is most important is that we ALL unite.

When you see a random stranger wearing an outfit you like, smile at that women and tell her you like her outfit. When you see a young girl smiling at you, smile back, she is looking up to you. These are just two examples of ways WE can be the change on a daily basis for our gender.

The best part about women empowerment is putting your differences, races, and views aside, but uniting as one for our womanhood.

As I grew past the middle school and high school stages, I do see an importance for women empowerment starting at a young age. Teaching young girls to compliment their kindergarten BFF's shirt can be a start.

I have seen so many girls cry over the same things. Especially at my age. Boys, college exams, horrible managers, mean girls, the list goes on forever. So why would we be jealous and nasty to each other, when we can unite as one?

When women support each other, incredible things happen.

XOXO, Girl Power.