Stressed Out?
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Stressed Out?

Here, have a live stream. Or two. Or eight.

Stressed Out?

The first week of a new semester can be really overwhelming for many (if not most) college students. Having to adjust back to a normal sleep schedule (or an abnormal one, if you're like me), remembering where all of your new classes are, or finding out that a group project will be worth 40% of your grade is a lot to handle after three to four weeks off of school. Is there any way to make the adjustment easier?

One solution to handling my beginning-of-the-semester stress has been watching live streams of all sorts. I find it peaceful to watch live feeds of Earth from the International Space Station. I love being entertained by litters of kittens pouncing and playing, and there's excitement in the air as you wait for Old Faithful Geyser to erupt.

Here are the best live streams available on the internet provided in one place just for you!

1. Kitten Academy Live Stream

Look at these little fluffballs exploring their home. You're sure to get some laughter and warm fuzzies while watching this live stream.

2. Golden Retriever Puppy Cam Live Stream

Because for every cat person, there is a dog person. Then there are those who love both equally. Streamed live on July 18, 2016, this video isn't technically live, but it's still 4 hours of golden retriever puppies. It doesn't get any cuter than this.

3. NASA Live Stream of Earth from the International Space Station

This live stream may just be the most calming and peaceful video I've ever seen. With soft music playing in the background, you can feel at one with yourself and the rest of the world while watching this live stream. Your stress will melt away in 5 minutes, guaranteed.

4. Penguin Habitat powered by

Taken right from the description of the video itself, "The underwater view of the exhibit features Magellanic penguins, some of which were rescued from Brazil where they were stranded outside their native habitat." You'll be surprised at how stress-relieving watching penguins swim and glide quickly through the water is.

5. West Coast Sea Nettles powered by

Jellyfish, the floating brains of the sea. It's incredible that these creatures survive without eyesight, possibly the most important of our senses. On the bad days, these friends will remind you that even if the odds are against you, you will survive.

6. Rotondecam Archie Europe

Maybe you're more of a people watcher, and that's cool too. While viewing this live stream of a rotunda, you'll be calmed by the business of others as they go to and fro in their daily lives. Even late at night, chances are you'll see a soul or two driving through or walking the crosswalks on their way home.

7. Honey Bee Hive powered by

Oh to be a bee. (See what I did there?) If you're sick of all the Bee Movie videos floating around the internet these days, have a fresh look at the real world of a bee. Quite possibly the most efficient workers of the animal kingdom, they really are the bee's knees. (I had to.)

8. African Wildlife Safari Camera powered by

Lions and tigers and water buffalo, oh my! These animals and many more species are always available for your viewing pleasure. You may even get to see a baby elephant or two, and isn't that really what dreams are made of?

9. Northern Lights Live Stream

One of the most incredible natural wonders of the world, the Northern Lights are just as beautiful as they are illuminating, both physically and metaphorically. Seriously, watching this live stream may help you find the answers to questions like, "What is the meaning of life?" and "How am I possibly supposed to rehearse, sleep, eat, work, study, and socialize in just one 24-hour day?"


Link to the Old Faithful Geyser Streaming Webcam

Link to the Bob Ross YouTube channel

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