Strength and Determination Wins the Fight
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Strength and Determination Wins the Fight

A description of a battle-scene in Lord of the Rings

Strength and Determination Wins the Fight
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Thick bands of cauldron black clouds stretched across the Western half of a mid-afternoon sky. Just to its east, fractures of bright golden rays of sun poked through white clouds, which cast shadows on the land underneath. A field the size of three football fields blanketed the land’s rough soil.

A legion of human soldiers on horseback extended across the eastern half of the field. Each soldier wore rusted metal armor decorated with integrated intricate designs. They held mighty weapons such as swords and spears.

The soldiers in the forefront of this abundant mass leapt from their horses and knelt to the dense ground. With their knees planted firmly, they stabbed their long swords deep into the ground. Shortly after, they angrily ripped them out and climbed back onto their horses. One soldier, in particular, stared across the field with glazed-over eyes at the oncoming enemies. With her mouth agape, she continuously breathed in, unable to exhale due to the sensation of her palpitating heart. Nearby, a young wide-eyed soldier flashed a stiff grin in her direction.

The commanding officer of this legion charged down the center of the field. He clashed swords with those soldiers at the front of the mass. At the same time, some soldiers blew into bugles while others screamed with all their might. All the soldiers were ready to charge.

Step by step, they slowly neared the threat of their enemy, the Orcs. As they crept forward, the Orcs looked at them with red eyes. The Orcs infested the entire West end of the field, creating a mass about two times larger than that of the humans. The small cauliflower-like beasts growled with their heads tilted back. Their dirty white skin, mangled and embarked with many ridges and grooves, bubbled over their harsh round eyes causing them to be only partially visible. Like the humans, they wore armor and held swords and spears. As the humans cautiously approached, the Orcs fired their spears.

The spears flew rapidly across the field before impaling the humans. Molten-red blood splashed out of their skin where the spear had pierced. The speedy pace of the spears caused intense pain which resulted in some soldiers jolting from their horses.

The unwounded humans, however, charged rapidly at the Orcs, which caught the Orcs by surprise. The closer the humans got to them, the faster they ran. They threw flags into the air as they molded into an arrow configuration, warning the Orcs that they exuded strength and dominance. They moved quickly and did not stop. They charged right through the mass of Orcs, which toppled them over, smashing them into the ground.

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