Strawberry Daiquiri. Sex on the Beach. Bloody Mary.
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Strawberry Daiquiri. Sex on the Beach. Bloody Mary.

The Alcoholic's Plague

Strawberry Daiquiri. Sex on the Beach. Bloody Mary.

Strawberry Daiquiri. Sex on the Beach. Bloody Mary.

These sound familiar to you? If not, then you are too young to understand. If so, you are right in my range or you are beyond the point of caring. If you don’t care then stop reading and go about your day, but I highly suggest you keep reading. It could be interesting or it could be frightening. The choice is yours to face the truth of the dreaded alcoholic’s plague.

Now I think we need to back up a little because I don’t think you guys know what the plague is or what it constitutes. You see there are 3 simple stages of the plague and they are lined above ranging from soothing to addictive. The alcoholic’s plague expresses my interpretation of the journey and/or thought process from a single drinker to a full-blackout drunk. Though I myself have never experienced a blackout or have drowned in alcohol. I have heard testimonies, experienced and seen the funny and psychotic effects of the bottle, and matured faster than most would at my age. Now consider the fact that my age is 23, 2 years past 21, does that change your perspective? Who’d ever think someone my age would be against alcohol or drinking in general? What a revelation!

Now to bring attention to the stages of the alcoholic’s plague. The first stage is the “Strawberry Daiquiri” or soothing stage. The soothing stage arouses the mind and relaxes the soul. It comforts the body and brings solitary peace to the moment. A Strawberry Daiquiri does just that. The drinks of this stage have little booze and a powerful taste. You couldn’t get drunk off of these unless you had around 10. Now, I am typically the person who has one and done, but for this fruity flavor I can negotiate two. If I went over two, I would be in trouble of losing my senses. Now you are probably wondering how this is dangerous? How can you get drunk off Pina Coladas and alcohol-infused smoothies? Well the simple calculation is how many you have and how much alcohol is infused within. The simple trick is to know your limit and stick to it. Those who only reach this stage are more likely to make smarter choices and avoid disastrous consequences. My limit is two, what’s yours?

Speaking of two, the second stage of the plague is Sex on the Beach or exotic stage. The exotic stage begins to dampen the mind’s judgment and blur the eyes of their sight. It begins to disturb the nervous system and defy the soul of its purity. The drinks pack a punch and in my humble opinion, seems to have more booze than flavor. Alcohol percentage is variable. Just looking at the name can give you sense of the experience. Sex is about losing your pureness and laying on a beach makes you feel relaxed every though you have a million worries. So, you lose yourself in these drinks thinking you are relaxed and subtle when actually you are starting to submit to the alcohol and lose your concrete senses of reality and truth completely.

Now the third stage is Bloody Mary or the addictive stage so the name should speak for itself. But even the name doesn’t do this horrid reality justice. In the third stage, you won’t even recognize yourself and you’ll start to go against what your mind and body are telling you. You will defy your better judgment and you will betray those who are trying to help you recover.

Now why would I use such crude language and harsh words to define this stage? The reasoning is because it is not a stage I would ever wish on my worst enemy and it is a stage that has brought immense horrors into my mind and memories. I have seen the alcoholic’s plague reach its full-blown potential and turn the ones I love into beasts. Beasts that couldn’t recognize their own kin, understand the consequences of their actions, and how it emotionally took a toll of their family. Trust me, I have seen the pain and suffered in anguish. I have battled the monsters and matured from the ashes. I break the bottles that scarred my mind. I have grown so soon through years of time. The plague I will vanquish with all of my might. I will vanquish this beast both day and night.

Through this piece, I hope you, yes you, can value my plight and end this plague together night after night.

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