If you live in Starkville, or have visited Strange Brew Coffeehouse while in town, you know that this coffee shop likes to keep people and their humor on their toes.

Each week, sometimes multiple times a week, Strange Brew likes to change up the sign that stands outside of their building. Often, this sign is filled with comedic sayings, or often a kick on someone else, another school, or something going on around us. They have quite the energetic and humorous staff in order to pull this off and make it enjoyable each week.

Here are some of my favorite signs which hopefully give you a laugh as well.

P.S. besides hysterical signs, Strange Brew does have amazing coffee. I recommend blueberry cobbler. It is by far my favorite of any coffee, and that's saying a lot.

For all you MSU sports fans out there.

For those who revel in the savageness of business against business.

For those that keep up with social media sports happenings.

For those who just can't get enough for the Lady Bulldogs.

For those who want to give love to new coaches.

For those with holiday cheer who love Mariah Carey.